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Pale Blue Dot's Latest "Only Love"

Pale Blue Dot, a band based in Charlottesville, Virginia, was founded by musician Tony LaRocco who wanted to bring together fellow musicians while exploring the realm of songwriting. The band’s sound is inspired by multiple genres that range from pop, alternative, progressive rock, folk and bepop jazz.

Their single, “Only Love” is an upbeat song that has a very different sound that combines a somewhat folky guitar and rhythm section while accompanied by a lively trumpet most likely

inspired by jazz.The beginning of the track starts with a simple yet effective walking bass line

that gets the listener into the groove of things.

The first voice that starts the first verse and chorus is very raw and real. The second voice brings a raw and real feeling as well but in a different timbre. Then when the two voices come together, they compliment each other well and it brings a sense of unity to the song and is pleasing to listen to. The arrangement and composition of the song itself is very impressive since they are able to make a slightly folky/alternative sound while tip toeing over the genre of indie music. If you are looking to widen your genres and playlist, this band will be on there for sure. Overall, there smooth and upbeat sound will have you playing this on repeat!

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