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Panama Fargo Reflects on His Steady Grind in, "False Pride"

From Fontana, California, the hip-hop artist, songwriter, and rapper Panama Fargo pays tribute to conscious rap with his latest toe-tapping single, "False Pride."

With rap and hip-hop coursing through his veins at a young age, Panama Fargo's music career hit the ground running incredibly early with help from his father, uncle, and family/friends who helped carve his musical path. Striving to bring back conscious rap with gritty lyricism, Panama Fargo never fails to leave the listener in a deep state of reflection.

Gearing up to release his forthcoming album, Panama Fargo introduces us to the upcoming project by way of an introspective and groovy single, "False Pride." The single itself offers a heavily intriguing listening experience, especially as Panama Fargo allows us to sit back and reflect on the many topics and lyrical subjects he brings to the table.

Diving into "False Pride," we're met with a sweet and nostalgic sample that glitters and gleams with an irresistible groove while dropping into the mid-tempo and alluring hip-hop beat. As Panama Fargo makes his way in, he takes our breath away with his intense and dominant vocal entry while riding the beat with nothing but dominance and rhythm.

As we continue grooving through this highly reflective tune, Panama Fargo makes the listening experience nothing but unforgettable as he expands on his never-ending grind and reaching for his dreams until he's six feet under. As the melodic and mid-tempo production continues its steady and savory groove, Panama Fargo and his rhythmic bars lead us towards the outro with nothing but strength and stamina.

Get into the groove of Panama Fargo's latest single, "False Pride," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We genuinely admire your lyrical prowess and rhythmic flow within your latest single, "False Pride." What inspired you to create this deeply reflective and groovy single?

My surroundings can be held accountable for the inspiration of this song what I really wanted to do was paint a picture of my mindset and how I view the state of the rap game and life around me as a whole.

Who created the melodic and rhythmic production for "False Pride"? Is this your first time working with this producer?

The homie J.Vaughn produced the whole beat I’ve known him since high school but we decided to link up and take music seriously not too long ago. He also had music out now as well so check that out!

If there was one message that listeners could take away from your deeply reflective bars within "False Pride," what would you want that to be?

The message I want to portray would be to let your authentic self shine because if people can’t accept you being yourself that’s will never truly accept you, and sometimes it’s ok to let your Pride take a backseat for the bigger picture because if you let it, Pride will destroy you.

Why did you choose to release "False Pride" as a lead single before your forthcoming album? Can listeners get a better idea of what your upcoming project will feel and sound like through this single?

I felt that the lyrics portrayed a message I wanted to get across, but in no way does this represent the album, the album has a sound unlike anything out rap-wise.

What's next for you?

Next for me is to keep perfecting the album until it’s ready and also getting my face out into the public more whether it’s shows, podcasts, etc. so that the name PanamaFargo can ring loud.


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