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Papi Shiitake Catches Us in a Dream with, "Do What You Say"

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, the alternative dream-pop producer, and singer-songwriter Papi Shiitake releases a hazy single and accompanying music video just in time for summer entitled "Do What You Say."

Inspired by acts like Phil Spector and Kanye West, listeners are able to fully experience and listen to the broad musical influences that prevail within Papi Shiitake's vast and versatile sound. Striving to sweep listeners off their feet and into a sonic dream, Papi Shiitake never fails to do so.

Recently releasing his dreamy single and accompanying music video, "Do What You Say," Papi Shiitake showcases his psychedelic appeal while pushing the sonics with Polynesian percussion, mesmerizing guitars, and a thumping 808 bass. Also fueling the single with meaningful and emotional lyricism, Papi Shiitake's words are bound to linger in the listener's mind long after taking a listen.

Expanding on the single, "Do What You Say," the song gently opens with warm Polynesian percussion breakdowns, a hazy electric guitar soaked in reverb, and a soaring 808 kick. As Papi Shiitake's warm vocals appear, he leaves us in awe of his melodic stylings and gentle approach. While touching on passionate themes of reminiscing on a tumultuous past relationship, the accompanying instrumentation perfectly amplifies the song's emotional and introspective concept.

Taking a peek at the music video for "Do What You Say," Papi Shiitake brings another dreamy approach to the visuals. While an alluring female moves her body with contemporary motions and movements, she adds this chilling appeal to the video while basking in the warmth of the various backgrounds she dances in front of.

Get lost in a daydream with help from Papi Shiitake's latest single, "Do What You Say," available on all digital streaming platforms. Find the music video for "Do What You Say" on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Papi Shiitake. We're enamored by the dreamy atmosphere you've created on your new single, "Do What You Say." What inspired this emotional track?

Wow! Thank you!! The imagery for this was the sun setting on a dying relationship. Before every relationship ends there’s this moment when something turns inside of you. You realize that it’s over, but you’re still in it. There’s such power and sadness at that moment. What once was so bright has dimmed and the cold night is fast approaching. ‘Do What You Say’ is about those final moments of sunlight. Watching the warmth of the sunset fade into the depths of the ocean. It’s a very special moment. How did you link up with famed mastering engineer Larry Anthony? Had you been a fan of his work?

Honestly, I’ve become adept at searching the internet for talent. Most of the people I work with I find just listening and looking at stuff online. Then I find out who worked on it and see if they’re down to collaborate. I’m originally from the south so I’m into southern hip hop and I love the Migos and the City Girls stuff. When the opportunity came up it seemed like a perfect fit. Groove is the most important part of a song for me and Larry gets that.

You recently signed to Brooklyn-based indie label Trash Casual. What has it been like collaborating with them? Has your music evolved since teaming up?

It’s been so great! AJ, who founded the label, actually started Trash Casual right after the pandemic started. I always tell him he was the first label to start after Corona. Kind of crazy if you think about it. I think working with Trash Casual has been incredibly transformative and liberating. The label really trusts me and my artistic vision. When you work with people you trust it allows you to make magic happen. That trust has absolutely allowed me to evolve and grow as an artist.

Could you tell us more about your forthcoming album, 'Wabi-Sabi?' How does it contrast your recent 2020 EP, 'Quarantine Dream?' When can we expect it?

I think Wabi-Sabi is a much bigger record than Quarantine Dream. The first EP was all about preserving sounds and digging for honesty. For this one, I wanted to take that and expand on it. To me, this album resonates with richness, depth, and flavor. I’m still using as many first vocal takes as possible, but now I have 808’s on the track.

What do you want new listeners to know about you as an artist and get out of the music that you create?

Be yourself and love yourself!! Papi Shiitake isn’t just music. It’s the universe of my imagination. Don’t just listen to the songs. Watch the videos. Follow me on IG. Because they’re all just pieces to a much bigger story. And that story is about love. It’s about life and why it’s worth living. Cause, honestly, life is beautiful, man.


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