Exclusive: “Paradise” By Luke Baker Is A Must Have For Your Playlist

Luke Baker was a natural musician even in his early years. His talent continues to grow as he gets older as seen through his debut EP “Weightless”. By the time he was 14, Luke would be putting out his original music on various forms of social media. With the help of a producer which he met through youtube, it helped boost baker up in studio production at the young age of 16. His current EP consists of five songs four of which Baker wrote , produced, and recorded himself. His upbeat feel good music is the reason why his songs were able to make it to 60,000 plays in the span of two weeks.

The song “Paradise” is one of five songs from his EP and has a feel good vibe to it. It can easily be called a summer anthem for long road trips or a trip to the beach. This song is easily radio ready and would do well on popular music radio stations. The beat drops are subtle yet enough to let the listener know when the chorus is coming on. The lyrics are short in sweet in which he is talking about a girl he would like to show what paradise is. That is probably relatable for a lot of listeners of all ages because all of us have been at the point in life one time or another. Make sure to check out the other four songs on his EP!

Connect with Luke Baker on social media:

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/lukebakermusic Instagram: instagram.com/lukexbaker

We had the chance to chat with Luke about his new music! Check it out below.

Can you tell your us a bit about your song 'Paradise' and the writing style behind it?

For the record, Paradise, Its a Pop/Edm song with a hard hitting future house drop. Song has a catchy hook and smooth melodic verse where I express how I feel about a girl. She feels like paradise. She is my paradise.

Where did the inspiration behind 'Paradise' come from?

For me, I feel like I have an honest approach with the words I use. I like to be straight forward with what I say in my music. I also sprinkle some metaphors in as well. I Try to keep listener engaged. Really try to make sure my hooks are super big and catchy and not overly complicated. 

What are 3 things you would love your fans to know about you?

That I WRITE PRODUCE AND RECORD all my records by myself. There are very few artists out right now that are doing that!! I love having the creative freedom to be able to do that.  

Any upcoming shows in the near future? How would you describe your live performance to new fans?

Just had a small show at a festival. Currently planning for upcoming shows potentially this fall. 

The shows are high energy and BIG. A real experience. A true musical experience.