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Parker Howard is the Best of Both Worlds in "I Can Hang"

Texas native Parker Howard has grown up with a passion for Country music. From a young age, Parker Howard leaned on music as an outlet for expressing herself. At only 21 years old, her music has been placed in the top 50 on the Texas Country Music Charts.

Being recognized as a ‘Breakout Artist’ at Off The Row Studio in Nashville, TN, and embarking on radio tours throughout Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma, you can find Parker Howard appealing to her rapidly growing fan base as she continues to release captivating melodies.

The energetic appeal of Parker Howard’s larger-than-life persona reigns supreme in “I Can Hang.” Delving into the themes of hanging with the boys, Parker Howard also emphasizes the femininity that she holds true to herself as she can rock the best of both worlds.

Radiating the raw passion displayed in her vocal performance carried throughout the soundwaves in a sustained manner, your senses reach unmatched heights. Parker Howard’s music embodies the authentic definition of the roots of Country music oozes, as she does it all with a gritty poise. With each pulsating tone that drives the beat that much harder, the warm atmosphere that you’re summoned into carries out an inviting yet hard-hitting hue.

The confidence that you receive from listening to “I Can Hang” takes you into a new dimension of self-assurance. Parker Howard ensures that her listeners are hanging on to each word she fervently utters as the intricately crafted lyrics dive into specifics of a this or that world in which she effortlessly exudes the ability to tackle all.

Continuing to strut her charismatic swing on each record she places forth, it is no wonder why her fan base is flocking towards her in a swift motion. Parker Howard steadily proves that she can hang wherever she sees fit for her.

We love the charisma that you exude in, “I Can Hang.” What moment or story inspired you to write this track?

The talented writer's Bobby Terry and Shea Fisher wrote this charismatic song that I got the honor to record and perform with Off The Row Studios with the amazing help from PT Houston, Erin, and Sarah Morey! I fell in love with this song instantly and I had a major connection to it. I knew deep down it would be a major hit! The song was very spunky and loud and that’s how I would describe my personality.

Could you please take us into what the creative and recording process looked like when fashioning “I Can Hang?"

It was an amazing process that I got to go through and PT Houston made it even more enjoyable! When I would sing, PT would be in the recording studio dancing along to my music. All of the players that played on the tracks are very talented individuals that have played for some big-name people who I have listened to since I was a child. The studio is very professional and has an amazing process of how they get everything down from day one to tracking sounds to tracking vocals. I am very blessed to be able to record with the studio I am at.

What musical and non-musical influences do you allow to speak into the music that you create?

I have always listened to Dolly Parton, Alan Jackson, Allison Kraus, and so many more country artists from when I was a child that I grew up listening to. The sounds of the older country is always how I’ve wanted my music to sound, but with a small twist of modern music. I would love to pave my own genre of country music while incorporating modern and old country together.

As one who is taking strides in the music industry, how have you found yourself growing as an artist from your first release to, “I Can Hang?"

My very first release was from a studio in White Settlement, TX called SG Studios and I was with them for 4 years and now I have gone into the record in my dream city of Nashville, TN with Off The Row Studios. My voice has matured as an artist with many new songs and many life experiences. I am so thankful for the things I have learned from each and every artist I’ve encountered and I love learning on the way to finding my dreams. My sounds in my songs and my music have also matured very much - from just singing a song given to me to singing songs that I am currently in the process of writing and songs that tell a story that many people can relate to.


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