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Patreka Wortham Inspires with Upbeat Single, "Fighter"

Northern Carolina native Patreka Wortham finds herself singing with pure inspiration and gratitude In her newest single, “Fighter.” As an individual who has taken part in the predestined journey of ministry, Patreka Wortham has used her opportunity to spread her love for music through praise anthems.

“Fighter” is an upbeat single that can motivate any listener with its inspirational lyrics and fast-paced instrumentals. Each trumpet and jazz background instrument works to emphasize Wortham’s high-quality vocals and pushes her to the next octave level! Pairing together various layers of lyrics and backing track, “Fighter” is filled with excitement at every turn!

With Patreka Wortham’s excellent musical resume, it is no surprise “Fighter” is a sure hit. Being selected to perform as a main stage performer at the Radio One Women’s Empowerment Conference was just the beginning as was selected as the Stellar Awards independent artist showcase winner in 2018.

Having the ability to pair together gospel and minister with such upbeat, catchy singles that all can enjoy is truly a gift that sets Patreka Wortham apart from any other artists in this genre.

Can you walk us through your inspiration behind your newest single “Fighter?"

Sure! "Fighter" was written at a time when I was experiencing a big dose of "life". I had become somewhat discouraged (as we all do at times), but I was still trying to push through. While moving around at home, I began encouraging myself despite the challenges, and Fighter was laid on my heart; almost like a "pep talk" to myself. Now, after having lived and to still be living through the pandemic of our lifetime, it continues to be a reminder to me (and hopefully to those who listen) that we don't have to rely only on our own strength when confronted with life's battles. Do you have any individuals or other artists that you draw influence from when writing and producing your singles?

When I'm writing a song, there's typically an event, memory, or emotion that triggers the song's flow and lyrical content. However, there are definitely artists that I hear in the sound as I go along the way. Mary Mary, Pastor Shirley Caesar, Yolanda Adams, Ledisi, Whitney Houston to name a few as well as some R&B and Rock influences.

We saw that you were selected as North Carolina’s winner for the Walmart Gospel contest, how have you enjoyed performing in your home state and how did North Carolina shape you as an individual and an artist?

I love North Carolina from the beach to the mountains! It's filled with so many incredible singers and musicians. Here in NC, since my youth, I've had a front-row seat to great music within my family and my home church who both recorded several albums professionally. Additionally, there was always an endless array of choir or quartet concerts to go to. My parents often had our young family perform on local concert stages and churches where we'd hear North Carolina's gospel sound outside of our church and household. These early experiences gave me some insight into recording and producing original music and trained me in what it means to perform in front of large audiences. My later recording experiences here, most notably with Pastor Shirley Caesar, furthered my exposure to creating music and messaging at an exceptional level. For listeners who may not be very familiar with gospel-style music would you be able to explain its stylistic nature and how the process is set apart from other genre styles?

Gospel music gives the ultimate gratitude and credit to our God. There is a very distinct message that aims to turn listeners' thoughts off of people and situations to point their focus to God himself. In the traditional sense, it can include a call and response approach and/or have a very rich, steady, pulsating drive with rhythmic music. It can also be soulful like what you may hear from an uplifting, full voice choir. More contemporary gospel musicality may sound similar at times to other genres like Jazz or Hip Hop, but the message is always God-focused. What is next for you Patreka? More music! "Fighter" is just the beginning of what is to come and I'm excited that we will be continuing to share more music in the future.



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