Patreka Wortham Inspires with Upbeat Single, "Fighter"

Northern Carolina native Patreka Wortham finds herself singing with pure inspiration and gratitude In her newest single, “Fighter.” As an individual who has taken part in the predestined journey of ministry, Patreka Wortham has used her opportunity to spread her love for music through praise anthems.

“Fighter” is an upbeat single that can motivate any listener with its inspirational lyrics and fast-paced instrumentals. Each trumpet and jazz background instrument works to emphasize Wortham’s high-quality vocals and pushes her to the next octave level! Pairing together various layers of lyrics and backing track, “Fighter” is filled with excitement at every turn!

With Patreka Wortham’s excellent musical resume, it is no surprise “Fighter” is a sure hit. Being selected to perform as a main stage performer at the Radio One Women’s Empowerment Conference was just the beginning as was selected as the Stellar Awards independent artist showcase winner in 2018.

Having the ability to pair together gospel and minister with such upbeat, catchy singles that all can enjoy is truly a gift that sets Patreka Wortham apart from any other artists in this genre.

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