Patrick Carpenter Releases The Newest Southern Party Anthem "Drink Of You"

Patrick Carpenter is a guitar slinger and singer/songwriter from Jackson, Mississippi. Inspired by some of the most legendary guitar players that came before him including Richie Sambora, Eddie Van Halen and Brad Paisley, Patrick began playing guitar at age 11. After years of playing in bands around Mississippi, he moved to Nashville in 2014 to pursue his dream of an entertainer. Quickly, he was picked up as the lead guitar player for several acts around town starting in 2016.

Patrick Carpenter released “Drink Of You”, a contagious tune with riveting chords from the acoustic guitar you can’t help but adore. The engrossing single has its moments where it attracts you with sensational chills you won’t get rid of! Patrick Carpenter has an outlandish vocal style however it’s slightly familiar to the popular resonance of your favorite country rock artists! It has the light country twang that’s popular in most country songs while also projecting his rock grit which fabricates a nice blend that we will find ourselves obsessing over. “Drink Of You” is highly energetic and charismatic while compelling witty lyrics and understanding the depth of how important it is for a song to feel comforting. You can easily get up, dance, and enjoy the moment while listening to “Drink Of You” and that makes the song highly intriguing and an all around hit!

Listen to "Drink Of You".

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