Patrick Kearns Makes Debut with Stunning Acoustic-Soul Single “Hideaway”

An East London native, Patrick Kearns has been heavily involved with music from a young age. With a background in both classical and theatre, Patrick wouldn’t switch to studying contemporary music until the age of 18. With this he discovered his main inspiration and influence, Allen Stone, who introduced him to the extensive world of R&B and Soul music. Patrick spent the next two years honing his craft and establishing his sound. Now he's making his captivating debut with the Acoustic-Soul single “Hideaway”.

We checked out Patrick Kearns’ new single “Hideaway” and we were absolutely blown away by his stunning vocal ability and heartfelt songwriting. Beginning with a gorgeous soundscape and Patrick’s stunning voice, “Hideaway” doesn’t take long to evolve into a bone-chilling, heartfelt anthem. You can tellthat Patrick has poured his heart and soul into this release. Although the track is more somber than some of the mainstream hits we’ve heard, we’re still blessed with the ambiance of electronic elements and powerful vocals to bring the energy. I’d love to hear “Hideaway” in an intimate live setting to truly showcase Patrick Kearns’ charisma and sheer vocal power. Well worth a listen or two and we’re looking forward to hearing more!

Check out “Hideaway” here.

Hey Patrick! Do you believe that the way you intend to communicate your messages through your music is easily received by your listeners?