Patrik Reignites the Summer Flame as He Turns the Heat Up to "98 Degrees"

Canadian rapper and songwriter Patrik is known for his lyricism and ability to speak his mind while relating to the listener. Continuously gaining major recognition from press outlets such as BBC Radio 2, Complex Canada, Sirius XM Canada, and more, he takes the world by storm with the avenues he paves and nurtures.

Delving into the summertime weather with a heated offering of eight tracks wrapped into a bundle titled, ‘The High-End Pack,’ Patrik's 2021 journey continues to sizzle as his unmatched work ethic and illuminating aura propel his cemented talents as an emerging Canadian emcee.

Commencing ‘The High-End Pack,’ with the project's introductory single, “98 Degrees,” we were almost thrown off course for a moment with the delicate effervescence that the elusive nature sound bites bring forth in the waking moments of the song. Quickly flourishing in intensity, we then get exactly what we expect from Patrik's sound; an eclectic bounce that makes you do a double-take.

With a vibrant tempo that shakes your speakers and the very ground you stand on, we’re exposed to a myriad of slick cadences that have Patrik bobbing and weaving through the enticing nature of “98 Degrees.”

Playing directly into the song’s title, this track is a certified heater. As he approaches the beat with a polished sound that takes his lyricism to the next level, we grasp onto the dark hues that organically flow from Patrik’s bass-forward vocals, all while bringing a pep to the buoyant swing that has this Trap hybrid thriving in a realm of its own.

As “98 Degrees,” shaping our expectations for what’s to come on the rest of ‘The High-End Pack,’ we’re eager to dip into this conveyance of Patrik's sonic and artistic versatility.