Paul Adams and Elizabeth Geyer Offer a Tranquil and Serene Space in New Album 'Deeper Imaginings'

February 18, 2020

By: Julia P

'Deeper Imaginings' is a recent instrumental album shared by artists Paul Adams and Elizabeth Geyer. Paul, an American, Elizabeth, an Australian, combined their creative powers to create a sound that helps everyone find peace. Already racking up over 104 million streams on Pandora, Paul Adams finds himself synthesizing contemporary encouragement for many listeners to find a safe space. His album begins with "Endless Horizon", which makes use of what seems to be the end-blown flute to create an airy and reflective sound. Listeners feel in tune while listening to "Endless Horizon", and again when listening to the album's second track "The Unfolding". Both songs make us feel very much at peace. It's a difficult task, an instrumental artist, to ensure that impressions of peace and tranquillity are expressed when creating a softer and more mellow sound. "Acceptance" is the next track and this one offers a higher sense of calamity. "Acceptance" integrates a delicate piano sound. Wind instrumentals play a pivotal role within this instrumental track and ensure the soothing melody maintains itself throughout the entirety of the song. The equanimity continues with "New Morning", a track that gives a refreshed sense of power. "New Morning" truly is the right kind of song for the morning. It offers rejuvenating energy to begin the day. We see a similar integration of piano within this track, which appears so delicately and with a fine richness. "Essence & Flow" has that same richness, but it comes in both the form of piano and harp. This is the kind of track that is almost sedative in nature--it brings together a variety of instrumental sounds in order to serenade listeners with a posied and ethereal feel. Once you're about halfway through "Essence & Flow", you'll begin to hear such a soft integration of vocal soundings.