Paul Anthony and Full Force is Back with Another R&B Favorite “The Love of a Hero”

As a member of the Legendary Grammy Award, Certified Production Team, and the 1990’s R&B music group Full Force, Paul Anthony has become quite a decorated artist over the years. He has been the recipient of multiple Gold, Platinum, and Diamond record plaques from Broadcast Music Incorporated Awards due to his work with a long list of successful artists.

To name a few, Paul Anthony has collaborated with Rihanna, Patti Labelle, Nicki Minaj, N*Sync, and Faith Evans. As if his musical success wasn’t enough, he is also an actor who has appeared in a handful of urban classic films. Paul is best known for incorporating bodybuilding into videos, films, and television, and introducing it to the Urban and Pop music industry.

With his new song “The Love of a Hero,” Paul Anthony continues to impress his fans. The song has ruminants of a 90’s R&B style artist, staying true to the works of his former music group Full Force. It has a relaxed and laid back beat that includes the soulful tapping of a high hat and a hand clap every 4 beats. His voice is silky and alluring as he shows his ability to effortlessly switch octaves and hit a wide range of notes. Anthony also includes a rapping verse to display his musical versatility.

With motivational lyrics and a tune that will have your head bopping throughout, Paul Anthony has brought R&B fans a new gem with “The Love of a Hero.”

Listen to “The Love of a Hero” here.