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Paul Bailey Exclaims, "My Black Is Beautiful”

Paul Bailey is one seasoned artist that enjoys incorporating many flavourful and fun-loving rhythms within his music. If you're craving an uplifting experience, then Paul Bailey can deliver one right to your music platform of choice. He focuses on creating sounds that inspire, change moods, and ultimately work to resonate with his audience.

The latest song that he successfully debuted was titled "My Black is Beautiful," which fuses many cultural elements with contemporary elements of today's music scene.

Sonically melding many genres together, "My Black is Beautiful" blends a collection of instruments together that generate an incredible, multi-faceted, diverse-sounding atmosphere. If you have a keen ear, you'll inevitably pick up on the strategic combination of instrumentals that make up the majority of Paul Bailey's production. He relinquishes uplifting and soothing energy for listeners to simply bask in, projecting soul-infused blues with afro-inspired elements. And with that comes a graceful, luscious soundscape that has the power to make all of your worries go away for a mere few minutes.

All in all, Paul Bailey left quite the impression with "My Black is Beautiful," instilling a real sense of heart within each listening soul. We simply can't wait for whichever eccentric performance he'll throw at the music world next.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Paul Bailey. Thank you for joining us to chat about the release of "My Black is Beautiful." What has been the largest takeaway for you since releasing the song?

Thank you BuzzMusic for chatting with me. The largest takeaway for me has been the positive feedback that I am receiving, listeners love the message and think the track is great, lots of thumbs up. Very humbling. How were you hoping that your listeners would resonate with "My Black is Beautiful?" If there was one emotion that each listener could walk away with after listening to your song, which would you hope it would be?

I think the emotion is pride. The takeaway is Pride! Did you work with any artists for the generation of "My Black is Beautiful"? If so, how do you typically go about choosing the artists you collaborate with for your music?

No, for this track I was the composer/writer/producer and Artist. How I typically go about choosing an artist to work with usually the vibe I am getting from the artist and if we are on the same page How has the overall experience of writing and recording "My Black is Beautiful" changed you as an artist, as well as a human?

This song was a labor of love my ancestors wrote this song and used me as a vessel. The lyrics just flowed out I couldn’t keep up the song just wrote itself. It changed me as an artist to trust the process, as it usually works out. As for me as a human being with Black History month upon us, it reconnects me. "My Black is Beautiful" is a conscious song and it has opened the flood gates of emotions and my connection to Motherland Africa. What's next for you?

My next project is a deal I just signed with Kanjian Music China for Synchronization, Background, and Library Music- it also consists of distribution. I am starting to prepare my next single which just needs mastering and an album art cover. Later this year I will be traveling to music conferences in Europe so if there are any artists out there that want representation for their music (mostly Urban and EDM), please contact me and we can discuss further

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