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Paul Bailey Mourns The Loss Of A Loved One With Heartwrenching Single, “Just For You (Urban Adult)"

Reminiscent of the Isley Brothers' soul and talent, Paul Bailey and his five-octave range bring a nostalgic performance of vocal textures and melody ideas. Paul developed his revitalizing sounds by studying the greats from MJ, James Brown, and Prince; you can appreciate his love for the music through the taste quality.

With records being placed in documentaries and awards/certificates being given for the top percentiles in quality of music, Paul has undoubtedly crafted a sound worth taking a peak at when in search of something fresh and soulful. The singer/songwriter and performer has embedded a beautiful message in his latest offering as an artist titled "Just For You (Urban Adult)."

As we patiently await the entrance of Paul Bailey, piano chords angelically hover over our ears, opening this classic record up with a tone of sorrow and heartache. With tears in his eyes, Paul Bailey takes us through the waves of emotion experienced when dealing with losing a loved one. Lyrics like "staring at her picture" & "I know you're not coming home" - are all moments we can resonate with when taking this track in.

Shedding light on one of the most vulnerable moments in an artist's life is a revolution, displaying courage and fearlessness; Paul Bailey should be an example to those who fear opening their hearts entirely when creating music. Paul has taught artists something special and crafted a song that listeners can hold onto when grieving the loss of a loved one.

Stream and support Paul Bailey's quest for solace with his heartfelt release, "Just For You (Urban Adult)."

"Just For You" is a powerful ballad that showcases your incredible vocal range. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind this song and what emotions you wanted to convey through your performance?

The inspiration for this song I wrote of the passing of a loved one. I was grieving when I wrote this song. It is about losing a beautiful soul, what they meant to me, and how they have inspired me. The emotions of pain and love all in one.

Many listeners have compared your vocal style to Ron Isley of the Isley Brothers. How has his influence impacted your singing, and what other artists have inspired your unique sound?

I always loved the Isley Brothers, especially Ron Isley's soulful Stevie Wonder, Donny Hatheway, and Michael Jackson. I studied them all the greats and just loved their effortless way and tone, which is most important to me is the tone.

What message or takeaway do you hope listeners will gain from "Just For You" after experiencing it?

The takeaway is they can use it in their own experience of the passing of a loved one. This song is for everyone who has lost a loved one and knows how it feels. Be it a Mother, Sister, Brother, Father, or friend, it's for you.

Can you share any memorable moments or challenges you encountered during the production or recording of "Just For You?"

Memorable moments: It was challenging to write with a heavy heart, but my collaborator, Ken Jackson, was a great help. He captured the emotions of the moment while I poured out my heart. It has been a minute since the event, so we re-recorded the song to update it.

"Just For You" is receiving much attention for its modern and soulful sound. What can we expect from you, and how will this song influence your upcoming projects?

Thank you for the feedback. As for what you can expect in the future, more organic high-quality sounds will start to showcase, providing the demand is there.


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