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Payton Goldston Reinforces His Faith

From Newark to Tucson, AZ, inspirational R&B/Soul artist Payton Goldston portrays his love for God by giving thanks through his passionate music.

Growing up singing in choirs and writing songs by the age of 12, Payton Goldston began taking his music more seriously at the age of 17. The working husband and worship leader strives for greatness with the support given under God’s wing, letting everyone find faith and hope within his inspiring music.

As we bask in the lulling ambiance that resides with Payton Goldston’s harmonious vocalization, we focus our attention on his most recent release of, “I’m All Yours.”

Delicate acoustic guitar strums solidify the instrumentation as the minimalistic approach in the musicality allows Payton Goldston’s opulent crooning to take the spotlight.

The intimacy that lies in the emotionally powered songwriting techniques steers our hearts and minds to the place of admiration that Payton Goldston’s motives stem from. The manner in which his euphonious timbres cascade with the instrumentation in a victorious moment of grand gestures is rather empowering.

“I’m All Yours,” taps into the faith that Payton Goldston embodies on his spiritual journey with the Lord. With this song acting as a letter to Jesus himself, you feel driven by this ballad to hang on to your devotion and optimism. Encouraging his listeners to refocus their moral compass where they see fit, “I’m All Yours,” has Payton Goldston connecting with his audience in a thorough offering of his intentions.

Joining sonic and visual forces together, Payton Goldston has ensured that the earnest “I’m All Yours,” has a music video for those seeking another dash of creativity from the individual artist himself. Be sure to hear what all the hype is about for yourself.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Payton Goldston, and congratulations on the release of your single, “I’m All Yours.” With such a beautiful message in your song, what moment inspired the creation of this track?

Thanks for having me on again! You all are awesome. Last year was a crazy year of highs and lows for me. There was racial tension, a pandemic in full effect, and my grandmother passing away all within a few months. However, I was also able to do more with my music and spend more time with my family than ever before. This song was just birthed out of a night in my studio singing to God. He reminded me that regardless of the world around me, He's still in control. Sometimes the best songs come from spontaneous moments. Do you find that the writing style you use flows naturally when addressing your faith? Have you ever encountered writer's block, if so how do you deal with it?

Yes, I believe it's easy to express my faith in song, but I also believe that when you are making music unto God, it shouldn't be taken lightly. I refined the lyrics to this song a few times before releasing it. As for the second question, I believe all writers get writer's block for one reason or another. I've heard that writer's block is actually a sign of insecurity. I've also heard that it's due to thinking too hard about creating something new. Something unique and fresh. I deal with it by just creating the song. See it through to the end, then present to some trusted people. There's so much music out there now that sometimes what you think is unique and fresh, someone else may not, and vise versa. Never let those worries affect your writing. I do the best that I can with what I have, release it, get the feedback, and then do it all over again with a new song.

The music video takes place in the striking desert of Tucson. Was this always your vision for the visuals? What was the ambiance like on set?

Yes, it was always the vision to do it at that location. We shot it at Gates Pass, a mountain pass along the crest of the Tucson Mountains. It's a tourist spot here in Tucson that provides beautiful sunsets and scenery. I felt like this would be a great visual to match the ambiance of my song. What does the ideal creative space look like for you? Where do you think creativity runs through you in the most effortless manner?

I've gotten to a point as a songwriter, where I can write just about anywhere. Writing is like working out, the more you do it, the easier it gets. It starts off hard because you're not used to the weight of creating something out of nothing, but then you get ideas and stories you want to tell. However, I do believe that I work best alone with my thoughts, a beat on repeat, my laptop, and a time limit. It forces me to create/write during that time, and when I stop I can meditate on the lyrics I created. There are many times I'll come back the next day, refining the lyrics after I've had a chance to step away. I believe this process helps me write more effortlessly. What would you like new listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

That though my music is centered on my faith, my message is always about seeking hope regardless of the situation. I believe this is something anyone can relate to and enjoy listening to. Also if you loved this, there's more to come! Stay tuned.



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