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Peak into the Lens of Norman Woods in his Latest Single, “Patina”

Raised in Los Angeles, Norman Woods is a professional skater and musician who has exercised his talents playing guitar and supplying vocals in Grim Sun, as well as filling in on bass for the bands Psychic Jiu-Jitsu, and Cashew & Cleary.

In his most recent single, “Patina,” Norman Woods recycles stimulated guitars from previous recordings as he takes an innovative approach with the addition of drum machines and electronic instrumentation. Using this opportunity to expand the sonic palette of Norman Woods, we find ourselves floating into an ominous universe that encompasses enigmatic traits to build its ravishing kingdom of edge.

Laying his clear and precise vocals to add an alluring presence through the dark tones of, “Patina,” this slow tempo indulgence has us hanging onto the edge of our seats as we simmer in the nadirs of Norman Woods artistic talents. Applying a minimalistic variety of sounds that garner complex individuality from the effects placed into them, you find yourself welcoming the enticing resonance that creeps into your mind.

Playing upon the thesis of this song, the lyrical motifs that lay in a bed of uninterrupted messaging have our thoughts provoked in the best way possible. “Loving is contagious, creepin’ into every dream, invading every thought, pressure bustin’ through my seams,” has us delving into the ingenious mindset that sets off alarms for Norman Woods fan base.

Keeping us on our toes with every release placed forward, we can always count on Norman Woods to deliver an auditory journey fueled from a meaningful place.

Congratulations on the release of, “Patina.” What inspired the concept of recycling guitar recordings in order to achieve this sound that we’re exposed to? Thanks! It feels like forever. I wrote and tracked this song in late 2017. I have a habit of making music whenever I’m tipsy at home. Most of it never sees daylight, because the tracks differ from my usual style. Patina was started one of those late nights. I had the beat in my head and was thinking about the beauty and character that comes with wear. Whether on a human face, raw denim, or leather. I had the tracks completed that first night. I’d work on the mix, on and off, over the next year. But, I’ve never released anything quite like it. So, it sat on a shelf until Nemo Jonze heard it and offered to help with the mix. We worked for a month, with plans to release it in late 2019. Then came COVID. Here we are all these days past and I’m happy to finally release it. Taking it into your own direct translation, what is the meaning behind, “Patina?" I see it as the character people and things accumulate. Blemishes, scars, prevalence and transcendence, all mark the experiences we carry with us. I wanted to express the value of the scrapes life gives us all. Throughout your experience in the music industry, what happens to be your proudest career moment to date? I was excited when my first demo received a positive reward in LA Record. But, I see my music as snapshots of my thoughts and feelings. So, each release is a landmark, regardless of any metric it could be judged by.

What can we expect from you in terms of new releases in 2021? I have a stream of songs that I’m prepared to release this year. My plan is to release one each month. The next track, Allen, is about my relationship with my father. It will be out on April 12th.

What's some advice that's helped you through your career as an artist? Don’t wait for approval. Find your voice and serve it. Be decisive and confident, but ready to consider criticisms of your work. Accurate self-assessment is invaluable.



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