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Pedestrian Lifestyle Creates The Atmospheric Hit, “If I Surrender”

Hailing all the way from Thunderbay, Ontario is the three-piece lineup; Josh Talakoski, Leif Peltonen & Dylan Maxwell. Their name? Pedestrian Lifestyle. While always adding to their musical palette, the group’s music blends melody and emotion. Forming in 2008 the trio slowly began to take shape and put together their own sound. Basing much of their material off of emotional and musical influences to aid their creative process.

“Pedestrian Lifestyle is an evolution, a constant work in progress.“

Pedestrian Lifestyle released their latest single titled “If I Surrender” and this soft rock vibe was pure and compassionate. The polished sound keeps consistent melancholic energy moving its listener through the duration of the song. With a tightly wound rhythm section and waves of echoing guitar and vocals, the band blends different styles of alternative music with a very ambient rock feel to create something new and interesting. The hazy atmospheric sound that intertwines with the eclectic rock elements, “If I Surrender” fabricates the most prepossessing foundation of a listener and their emotions. I personally love music that abducts me. And for “If I surrender” we become instantly infected by the enigmatic tune. The lyrics felt poetically written with an inversive arrangement, yet executed perfectly. Pedestrian Lifestyle proves to be the connective force that binds together your emotions and experience with the music. Becoming a unit with a song is one of the most extravagant experiences you can endure while listening to a song, and Pedestrian Lifestyle delivers that with “If I Surrender”.

Check out "If I Surrender" here and read more in our exclusive interview below!

What’s up Pedestrian Lifestyle! We love your name. It’s a unique stage name so we must ask, what’s the story behind it?

The story behind the band name comes from a conversation I had with a friend of mine back in the day over one summer. I hadn't seen him in quite a while so naturally he asked what I had been up to and at the time I didn't have a car so I was walking around to get everywhere so my response was "Just living a pedestrian lifestyle". I kind of liked the sound of it so I wrote it down in an old notebook I kept a lot of ideas in and when it came time to pick a band name I presented it to the other guys and it just kind of stuck.

In what ways do your distinctive personalities come together, showcase in your music?

We are all pretty laid back and reserved guys, so making music gives us the opportunity to be creative and our express ourselves in whatever way we see fit. It just seems to work with the 3 of us.

Speaking of your music, “If I Surrender” was beautiful. What was the theme behind this song? What inspired you to write this?

If I Surrender was written based around a looped guitar riff we would mess around with at practices. Eventually we took the time to sit down with it and write a few more parts based around the main riff and it became what it is today. The subject matter of the song is kind of about letting go and trying to tune out the outside world and the negative factors in life.

In what ways does “If I Surrender” represent you as a trio?

I think If I Surrender best represents the overall sound of the band. It has a very ethereal and atmospheric feel to it with an interwoven upbeat rock element to it. So sonically it has all the fundamentals and elements that kind of make up our sound.

Any exciting updates you'd like to share with us Pedestrian Lifestyle?

Well we just released the single which now available on 7inch vinyl. We are currently in the midst of writing our new album and gearing up for a tour of Southern Ontario in late July with our friends in Visions of Doyle.


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