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Peek Into Eric Vattima's, "Reality"

Born and raised in Sin City, Eric Vattima spent his early years honing his craft in the local Las Vegas music scene. While spending summers playing all along the South Jersey Shore, drawing crowds with acoustic arrangements of various popular songs that would catch the attention of listeners long enough to play a few songs of his own, it would be over the next few years that Eric Vattima began to build a band of his own.

Taking our attention to the release of his latest EP titled, ‘Fears,’ Eric Vattima allows us to zone in on the project's lead single, “Reality.”

Through a high-impact soundscape that surrounds your spirit in a swarm of charged-up guitar riffs, and colossal percussion patterns, the rhythm that is instilled into each and every one of us as we truly take in this record remains irrefutable.

There’s an amplified essence throughout the instrumentation that acts dominant in the way it makes itself known. Bringing you the best attributes from an arrangement of genres, the consistency that soaks into your mind lies upon the energy conveyed.

Eric Vattima adds his own unique flair as he performs lyrics custom to his reality that taps into the day-to-day relevance of his listener’s life experience. Using melismatic bliss to harmoniously convey impactful words, there’s an immense likeability factor that drips from the charisma Eric Vattima showcases.

Reflecting on a truth that doesn’t only pertain to himself, we get caught up in the cognizance that Eric Vattima portrays. Leaving little to the imagination, in the best way possible, the words he powerfully relays are written in the stars. Being blatantly forward in order to implement a sense of urgency in the universe his fan base thrives in, we love what an Eric Vattima composition does to our soul.

Congratulations on the release of, “Reality.” The entire essence of this song makes us feel charged up! What inspiration did you take into the creation of this song?

Obviously, a lot of things have happened over the last 18 months (give or take). ‘Reality’ was written with a good buddy of mine, Matt Wagner, in which we both started talking a lot about the insecurities that exist from not knowing how to answer the big life question of “what’s next?” Reality’ was a therapeutic song to write because it helped me find security in not having answers to every life question that I should’ve had responses to at the time. ‘Reality’ was also one of the final songs that were written for this project, fears., which was a little bit of a bittersweet note to what I was trying to accomplish from the entire EP. You’re not always going to know how to answer every question that life poses for you, nor are you going to be able to know how to cope with the lack of answers that life tends to give in response. That was the starting point that leads to creating ‘Reality.'

What encouraged you to make “Reality,” the lead single from ‘Fears,?' How does this song compare to the other tracks heard on the EP?

'Fears.,' is a rather interesting EP in and of its self, because, conceptually, it was meant to tackle many different ideas that I’ve held onto in my head for a long time, while also showcasing a few of my roots in a few musical styles. Some songs are heavily influenced by hip-hop, while others are influenced by the mid-2000s alternative that I grew up on (with a splash of pop here and there). ‘Reality’ turned into the song that most people that I let listen to the project early gravitated towards, and in return, I decided that it was best to put that song forward as the face of the entire EP.

Could you please take us into the concept of your EP ‘Fears’? Did your vision get executed exactly how you imagined?

'Fears.' is an acronym comprised of six concepts split up into separate songs; friends, enemy, alone, reality, sanity, and period (.) The main point behind everything stems back to that driving force and also my biggest regret that I never want to have from becoming further embedded in the music industry that I take part in. So, I guess, I’d say that the messages were executed from the reception to release, and I’m very thankful that people can relate to these songs.

What are you hoping that your audience takes away from the messaging and emotion displayed throughout “Reality?”

Just because you don’t know what’s going to happen, does not mean that you are alone in what you’re feeling. Life is full of uncertainty, so remember to be kind to yourself and to others, because you never know when someone is going through a rough time. I hope that people listen to this song, and find some point of relation to it. It’s all I can ever hope for as an artist.

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