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Peer Through The Open House Of Will Wheaton With “Lady In My Life”

There's nothing quite like the sweet sound of Will Wheaton's baritone croons flooding your speakers. 2022 marked 30 years since he won an MCA record deal by competing in Dick Clark's USA Music Challenge and professing his buttery smooth cascades to the world.

However, the universe had other plans for the burgeoning star, and that deal didn't close due to a shift in priorities. Doing what he does best - Will Wheaton handled this situation with poise and looked at this as another opportunity knocking on his door.

The genre-crossing vocal craftsman and master crooner now returns with his latest cover single and music video for "Lady In My Life," a passionate power ballad that has us swimming in the soul-infused timbres Will Wheaton is known for.

Taking on this Michael Jackson original, Will Wheaton places his sultry spin through the emotion-fueled performance he unleashes. Fusing his dual lifestyle in a way that keeps the window open to his audience as he lets them into his adoration for music and real estate, this captivating music video reinvents poise and dignity as we get a front-row seat to a showing to remember.

His laid-back energy opens the doors to this open house of Wheaton's life and welcomes a curious couple into his humble abode. Placing his playful charisma at the forefront of this expose, we love to see just how authentic and level-headed Wheaton is as he embeds glimmers of his humour into the "Lady In My Life" music video.

Emanating a soaring warmth that has listeners and viewers gravitating towards his charming appeal, Will Wheaton shows there's not much he can't do.

From his killer performance on the patio of this beautiful home and taking this couple on a home-owner tour of a lifetime, Will Wheaton gives us everything we long for through a transparent and hazy lens fueling the dreams of "Lady In My Life."

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Will Wheaton! Congratulations on releasing your latest music video, "Lady In My Life." What inspired this striking rendition of this hit Michael Jackson song?

The song has always been a favorite. I love a groove track; it was my favorite song from the Thriller album. The rendition inspired me to perform the song on Dick Clark’s USA Music Challenge. On the show, the audience received it well. The music video had our eyes glued to the screen! How did you develop such a fun concept for this visual, and why did you choose to show pieces of your life apart from the music?

For years, I kept both my worlds separate. I didn’t want music people to think I was in real estate and vice versa. My limiting belief was that I would not be taken seriously in either profession. I abandoned that thinking a few years ago and decided to merge my worlds from that day forward. This video was just the perfect opportunity to do more of this. I wanted people to meet the singer and the real estate broker and see how they both did the same thing: make people’s lives better. I was really afraid people would not get it or might be confused. I had to feel the fear and do it anyway. Big thanks to my video director for helping me bring it to the screen. We would love it if you could take us into moments on the set of "Lady In My Life." What memorable stories do you have from filming?

The most memorable moment was filming the first couple who ended up scantily clad in the dining room. They thought the scene would be shot in the bedroom under cover of sheets. It took a little convincing when they found out it was going to be in the dining room. They are dear friends and clients as well. My other favorite scene was me singing directly into the camera while walking. It was a last-minute addition. It was very challenging trying to keep up with the camera while singing. I felt like an action hero. We almost ran out of time because the sun was going down. We finished just in time. We love the spin you put on this record. You find a way to make it your own, which truly fits into the Will Wheaton way! How do you approach a cover song versus one of your originals?

I was really nervous about tackling this song because of the original artist that recorded it, MICHAEL JACKSON! Who does that? Had I not performed it already on national television with a good outcome, I may not have had the courage to do it. After I overcame my fear of doing it, the goal was to make it fit my voice and vocal ability - something I learned from the late great Luther Vandross. He was a master at remakes. We started by building the track around my voice. Piece by piece, keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, live horns, and strings, then we added the backing vocals. It was an absolute pleasure to do. I have worked with Michael and the writer of this song, Rod Temperton, so I wanted to honor their original work. I hope I have done so. What's your mission statement as a musician?

Our world has so many challenges. Love is the one thing that can truly cure all the world’s pain. My best friend’s Mom said to me the other day, “this song makes me want to get a boyfriend.” That lets me know I am on the right track. More love is just what we need.


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