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Peering into the Soul of Pure Talent, Piers Hits Home With, "This Time"

Coming your way after busking the lavish streets of London and performing at festivals and bars alike while taking things into his own, more than capable hands, Piers drops a beautiful and sensual sound that hooks you right from the start.

A self-made singer/songwriter who has the intrigue and musical aptitude that has the audience reeling in admiration, Piers paints a vivid picture of a love story that listeners can relate to on a personal and riveting note.

With his new single "This Time", Piers presents a distinct and dynamic vocal depiction of the exact message he is portraying. This soft-sounding, easy listening hit leaves you feeling delighted and invested in what this song stands for, LOVE.

As the song progresses through the bridge with its serene and punctual solo, Piers invites the listener into a divine and blissful headspace that's a pleasure to the ears with the perfect balance of piano and velvety smooth background vocals that follow.

"This Time" gives us the undeniable craving for more. This piece conveys fabulous melodic harmony into a contrasting and lasting memory of exactly how an incredible, independent songwriter is exactly what this world needs infinitely more of.

As the outro leads us into a state of calm and collective adoration, all one can think about is how many more times this track can be played back before we're truly satisfied with having heard enough of it.

Thankfully, there's much more to look forward to this year with the promise of further work to be released. Until then we'll be patiently waiting, with an insatiable appetite for every bit of it.

We'd like to start by asking if there was a specific inspiration you've had that has led to the creation of "This Time?"

Thank you very much! It was a lot of fun to make. I actually wrote the song a little over a year ago after a gig I'd played at a pub in London. I'd met a chap who asked me to play at a party he was having the following week but wanted a few original songs. So I went home that night and wrote a few and this is one of those songs. The production, though, started taking shape a while later in lockdown when I started messing around with some backing vocals and went from there. I tried to blend a sort of acoustic chilled sound with a little crunchier rocky guitar for a more colorful texture.

What sort of message are you delivering with your song and how do you hope the audience receives that message?

I suppose the song is a love song about a broken relationship and that feeling of "if we try one last time, will we get it right?". I hope the song creates an atmosphere and feeling for the listener of reflective melancholy. Despite the question being asked, it's implied that the answer is already known. There's a longing in the idea that although the outcome will likely not be what you hope for, you feel the need to do it anyway. All because that tiny voice in your head is asking what if.

Is there any part of the song that resonates most with you or a segment that you feel best describes the emotion you've so elegantly depicted throughout?

I like the last verse particularly: "If there's a knock on your door it's me, babe, Before we soon run out of line. Because honestly, I don't know, Where I'll go when I leave your mind."

It's that feeling of being lost without someone. Becoming so used to being a part of their life that it feels foreign to not be the person that they turn to anymore. I think sometimes people can have a tendency to confuse what is familiar with what is best for them. But just because it’s familiar doesn’t mean it’s right.

How soon can we expect to hear more of your great sound, and will you touch on further experience in relation to the story you've portrayed going forward?

I'm just working on the production and arrangement of my next songs at the moment. Right now I’m looking to collaborate with some producers. I've got lots of songs written with different themes and styles and I’m just in the process of taking them from stripped-back songs to a finished recording. I think this song’s story exists within itself. But there will be more songs with similar themes, stories, and musicality. The mix of softer instrumentation like a piano with a rockier electric guitar is something I've always been a fan of. So I think it’s a sound I'll use more in future releases.

What's next?

I'll be releasing much more music this year. Hoping to collaborate with many people this year to learn as much as I can. I want to be better in all aspects of the process of making music: songwriting, production, and performing. I'm looking forward to live performances again. The buzz of playing to a crowd. I love making music and I’m endlessly curious about all the different elements that exist in the world of music. I want to immerse myself, put myself in a position to learn.



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