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Perion Shares A Piece Of His Heart In His Latest “In Love”

Born Jerome Andrea Hunter from Pensacola, Florida, Perion has always been heavily influenced by music. Growing up in a home where his parents collected music and played music all the time, Perion fell in love with the Motown Sound. As a teen he started rapping and making beats for local artist which soon caught the attention of Former Light Weight Boxing Champ Roy Jones Jr. In 1999 Perion signed to Roy Jones Jr.’s label Body Head Entertainment as an artist and music producer. During his time there he worked with various major artist in the industry like Dave Hollister, Petey Pablo , Mystikal, Scarface, Mike Jones, Lil Flip, Bun B, the late Mr. Magic, Choppa Style, Snoop Dogg, Lloyd, and many others. He also landed his first Billboard Hit in 2002 with the hit song “That Was Then” on Roy Jones Jr’s Round One album featuring Dave Hollister, himself and Hahz The Rippa. The song made it to number 2 on billboard. After his contract ended in 2005, Perion relocated to Atlanta, GA. to further his career as a music producer and artist. In January of 2019, Perion decided to drop his first single as part of his New Years resolution and in February he released a song dedicated to his wife LaRese entitled “In Love” which is the song we are tuning into!

This song is filled with so much love and even history. Huge homage to B.I.G. with this instrumental. There is definitely a spin on it and it gives it that RnB vibe. I love the twist he adds but it still holds true to that old school sound I remember. The piano gets me in this as well. So subtle but such a beautiful note in the song. I am not mad at this love song at all. It’s that perfect little balance of soul/rnb and hip-hop with an impeccable sound. I can hear the true love within the lyrics and passion through his vocals. What a killer song!

Be sure to catch "In Love" here.


Catch up with Perion on his Instagram and Twitter.

Get to know Perion through our interview questions below!

Hey there! Could you kindly introduce yourself to our readers?

My Name is Jerome Hunter, but professionally I am known as Perion.

Over your history of composing music, what has been the most life changing moment you have experienced?

Getting my first commercially released, billboard charting song and video with me being featured in it and on that song. The song was for former Light Heavy Weight Boxing Champion Roy Jones Jr. called "That Was Then" and it featured Dave Hollister on the hook and Me , Roy, and my former label mate Hahz Tha Rippa. It made it to number 2 on billboard.

What made you want to create a song dedicated to your wife?

Love , Honor, and Gratitude. I wanted to celebrate her and show her off to the world. The cover is an actual picture from the day we got married. A lot of times we can buy gifts and flowers to show how we feel, but to me this song is priceless! It can be sold, but not  as a duplicate. its an original. One of a kind like she is to me! And I get to be as playful in this song with her as she does with me when we play and joke around like were just dating.

I love the choice of the old school B.I.G. beat homage. What made you go with this sound?

The original artist of that song is Sylvia Striplin. She was Roy Ayers artist. I grew up on Roy Ayers music because my parents had a bunch of his records and her record was in that bunch too! It has a vibe. It felt like the type of record you could tell a story to. Being that Big used it too didn't hurt either. I look at myself as a young Roy Ayers/ Quincy Jones/ Berry Gordy of this generation. I love sounds and grooves! This sample has that groove! I couldn't write anything crazy over it! I wanted to keep it in the same vein and also pay homage to the originators of the groove , even with the hint of MJ. Im a Motown Sound baby, what can I say! lol Plus, my wife is from Detroit! I was just connecting the dots The Most High laid out for me.

If you had any advice to give to those new and upcoming artists what would it be?

Follow your own rhythm. Trendsetters set trends. Followers follow them! Love your music first! Make music you would wanna hear 20 years from now when your much more seasoned and your taste in music has matured. Be Original! Trust the groove! Bring your story to life! Be grateful and always put your heart in your music regardless of the climate. Don't dumb down your sound for a check. Your worth more and your music is God Given so that makes you priceless! 



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