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Perkypurp Invites Listeners to "Find a Way"

Creative entrepreneur Perkypurp began her artistic journey as a self-taught painter. It wasn’t until she went off to college that she decided to branch out into songwriting.

Perkypurp likes to describe her sound as a cross between Jazz and Hip-hop; Jazz Hop. Her primary source of inspiration comes from helping people to be better versions of themselves. As she encourages those to tap into the creative realm, she believes in expressing yourself wholeheartedly.

In the innovative Lo-fi sounds that create the ultimate dreamscape of Perkypurp’s latest hit, “Find a Way,” she re-introduces us to a swift demesne of prevailing goodness. Confident in her tone, the fierce distinction that she exudes has us fully embracing her impenitent facade. The verses she performs light up the headphones as you listen to her hard-hitting lyrical dexterity take the front seat in this sonic expedition.

Feelings of fortified victory emit a glistening essence that Perkypurp carries forth with her. She delivers what you need on a silver platter and when you need it. The genre of Jazz Hop is reached as she swerves into a unique lane custom to her artistic talents and versatility. We’ll have to run this track back to digest the full concept of her authentic offerings.

Perkypurp does exactly what she sets out to do with her music. Sending her melodic creations out as a vessel for others to absorb, it appears that there are no signs of stopping from this emerging artist. As she continues to make a name for herself, we’re anticipating the bright future ahead of this Jazz Hop artist named Perkypurp.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Perkypurp. What was the creative and recording process like when bringing, “Find a Way,” to life?

When I wrote find away I remember I was sitting at a studio in Texas watching my friends record their songs and I thought to myself, “ I definitely did not come prepared with a song”. So what I did was I sat down put my AirPods in for about 30 minutes and I just started writing in my notes to a lakey inspired beat. I remember thinking to myself I have to find a way to get this done, I have to find a way to get out the Hood, I have to find a way to be better than I was yesterday, I just have to find a way. From the thought process, the song finds away came to life with added melodies and ad Libs it became what it is today. Now that was just when I wrote to find a way, when I recorded find away I recorded it at void studios in Harlem, and I remember just doing one take on that song. When I left the booth my legs were shaking and I was nearly on the floor I was so excited. I felt as if something took over me in a good way. And I knew that that was going to be a hit. What are you hoping that your listeners take away from your messaging in, “Find a Way?" When my listeners listen to “find a way I want them to be inspired to be better than they were yesterday. I want my listeners to be able to reflect and find a way to become better. I want my listeners to be inspired to find a way through many obstacles despite what can come in between their goals. I know we have many things that are interrupting us on a daily to reach our full potential but this is when you put on “find a way” on your speakers and remember you gotta find a way. As one to dabble in various lanes of art, what happens to be your favorite part of the creative process? Oh man, my favorite part of the creative process is the logistical side. Making sure I have my materials prepped, and making sure that I have everything I need to begin my journey. I consider my creative process to be a journey because it takes me to places that I’ve never been to before. One of the places that it’s taken me is to my imagination. My own world. Where I can kind of disappear and reappear as I please. No one to tell me I’m not invited or I don’t belong. Just a place where I can be myself. What is the proudest moment in your musical career thus far? The proudest moment of my musical career thus far is releasing two songs on Apple Music back to back that I wrote myself. I have never released music before on streaming platforms only on SoundCloud however this is my first time going through a distribution company and learning about the business aspect of the music industry. I think it’s very important to learn about this part of music because it’s something that in the future you will definitely need to know a lot of especially if your music hits charts! What can we expect to see next? What you can expect to see next is a lot of art-making, more music, and a lot more features. I want to be able to collaborate with different artists and tap into different genres of music. The music that I make coming from New York is very different because it is jazz and hip-hop combined. I wish to incorporate more of this music into mainstream media so that will be my goal.



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