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Persephone Is Brilliantly Personified In MEÏA’s New Release “Down By The Water”

Originally from Barcelona, MEÏA is an eclectic singer/songwriter now residing in New York City. Her alternative pop style and melodious lyricism are what she’s best known for. Angelic vocals rain down over her listeners like a warm blanket on a chilly afternoon. As a bilingual artist, MEÏA prides herself on writing music in both English and Spanish. With her high poetic flavor, MEÏA has one many awards for her artistry and music compositions.

Fresh off the release of a music video for “Down By The Water”, MEÏA stuns in single about the myth of Persephone. As the daughter of Zeus, Persephone was abducted and married to Hades, making her the Goddess of the underworld.. Or better known as the Goddess of fertility of vegetation in the spring. In “Down By The Water”, MEÏA represents and personifies this theme perfectly. The most beautiful and poetic moment in “Down By The Water” is when MEÏA sings, “She’s the spring, she’s the seed// Of all things reborn she blooms// From her own wounds// I’m a woman, hey”.  MEÏA creates powerful visuals in her stunning music video for “Down By The Water” that further introduces Persephone’s myth into the listeners life. Florals and landscapes that represent the vegetation and springtime, but fused with scenes of smokey visual representing the mythical ideation that Persephone is the Goddess of the underworld. I highly recommend you keep up with MEÏA for more artistic and expansive new projects.

Check out “Down By The Water” here.



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