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Petti Hendrix Is Gonna “Be Ok”

Photo Credit: Erik J Rojas

Milwaukee's Petti Hendrix is making waves as a fresh talent, having recently signed with MDDN Record. A true creative force, Petti masterfully fuses punk, rock, and hip-hop elements to carve out his unique place in the music scene. As a rising star, Petti is set to captivate audiences with his exhilarating sound and undeniable charisma.

His latest offering, "Be Ok," transports listeners to a world of teenage love and euphoria. With thundering drums, guitars and infectious energy, the song celebrates rule-breaking, staying late, and falling head over heels. Some may label this behaviour toxic, but Petti highlights the raw, authentic connection between two souls seeking solace in each other's company, even when the world says they're wrong.

Petti's high-octane rock anthem, "Be Ok," boasts raw, energetic vocals that perfectly encapsulate the spirit of partying all night and numbing life's pain to feel truly alive. The track's remastered version is a product of Petti's collaboration with renowned pop/punk producer Robbie Hiser, who has worked with an impressive roster of artists like Hey Violet, Zolita, Ellegarden, and Good Charlotte.

"Be Ok" is just the beginning for Petti Hendrix, as it serves as the first taste of his upcoming EP, "Choose Life." This forthcoming project delves into themes of love, redemption, and embracing the best aspects of life, even when it seems like the world is handing you nothing but lemons. Petti draws upon his own life experiences, aiming to inspire others to understand that their circumstances don't define them – the choices they make and the will to live truly matter.

As Petti Hendrix continues his ascent, his unique blend of musical influences and catchy storytelling is sure to resonate with fans of all genres. With the impending release of "Choose Life," there's no doubt that this talented artist will keep breaking boundaries, defying expectations, and inviting listeners to embrace life with open arms, one exhilarating track at a time.

Dive into this one today, available on all platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Petti Hendrix! Cheers to your new anthem, "Be Ok," in which you've captured the essence of young love and euphoria. Can you share personal experiences or memories that inspired the lyrics and the song's overall mood?

I appreciate you guys; thanks for having me BuzzMusic. At some point in life, we all experience young love where there are no rules to love because we didn’t know what love was and just did what felt right. My goal was when listening to this song, it takes you back to a carefree and happy time.

The raw, energetic vocals in "Be Ok" are key to the track's high-octane rock sound. How do you prepare yourself mentally and physically to deliver such powerful performances in the studio and on stage?

It is an energy; it’s hard to explain; I can tap into that source. It’s almost not preparing but also using everything I've experienced to get to this point, tap into that moment, and become the song and the words.

Your collaboration with Robbie Hiser resulted in a remastered version of "Be Ok." How did the two of you approach the creative process, and what aspects of Hiser's production style brought new dimensions to the song?

The Wizard is great (that’s my name for him). When I played the record, he understood the story and brought a new life to the song. He juiced up the guitars and reproduced it to be in-your-face loud but still gentle, which complimented my vocals which worked. Robbie and I have a few songs on the way; everything we have done so far has been very high tempo and good energy.

"Be Ok" is the first installment of your upcoming EP, "Choose Life." How do you envision the rest of the EP unfolding in terms of themes, musical influences, and the evolution of your sound since working on "Be Ok?”

I’m pushing myself on this EP to limits I didn’t think I could. I feel really good about it. The Wizard (Robbie) produced the whole thing and helped me craft a sound sonically but also helped me develop some skills in the studio hence calling him the wizard. After a week of being locked in a studio, I knew we were building a Metro and Future relationship but the rock version. I must also thank Benji, Joel, Josh Madden, and the whole MDDN team for even looking my way; I'm very grateful for them. The essence of the EP is finding the silver lining in life when it comes to the elements of life; Love, health, wealth, relationships and self-reflection. The influences come from good music. I listen to alot of rap, pop and rock, and I’m figuring out a way to incorporate all of them but still be myself in the middle of it all.

As you continue to make a name for yourself in the music industry, what are your long-term goals and aspirations for your career? How do you hope the impact of "Be Ok" and the "Choose Life" EP will shape your artistic growth and future projects?

In the best way, I empty myself to music. I’m here for the experience and to find new sounds and ways to connect with people. I want to make a change and show young, poor ghetto kids there is another way and that they don’t have to conform to the streets but rather Choose Life. When my manager Justin Bishop (The Truth) and I were thinking of a name for the EP, we wanted something that represented who I am and where I am in life but resonated with the masses. With the world's climate, choosing to live is a growing message that today's youth deserves to hear. I hope my music becomes a voice for the voiceless, touches all four corners of the world, drives me closer to myself, and lets God handle the rest.


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