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Phayze-Won Brings Up Good Vibes In “FARWARD”

A well-known name in the Hip-hop scene, Phayze-Won brings us his summer single and music video “FARWARD” to heat this winter.

Nigel King, known in the music world as Phayze-Won, is a singer, songwriter, and performer. He is an accomplished artist who has been creating music and perfecting his craft since 1998. Phayze-Won has earned the respect of many artists and the hearts of thousands of people. That is thanks to his artistic talent and open heart.

“FARWARD” is a once-in-a-lifetime memory at the beach in the form of music. The summer vibes are always present, relaxing, and euphoric. That is thanks to the fantastic production, composition, exceptional experience, and talent of Phaze-Won, and the outstanding collaboration of Canadian artist Gov'Nah delivering a hot rap verse.

Listening to “FARWARD” starts with chilling and impressive instrumentals, an electric guitar playing a catchy melody while a xylophone with bass effects enriches the background. Phayze-Won’s vocals make a party ambiance that gets your head moving at the compass. Besides, Gov'Nah‘s rap is electrifying and contagious, keeping the energy high.

The lyrics are inviting and place you at the beach, celebrating life and living the best moment of your life surrounded by great people. The experience is more intense when watching the video, a fantastic production of GOTBRIZZ. “FARWARD” is the soundtrack for a memorable time, sharing with your friends and giving in to the music.

Turn up the volume and beat the cold and grey winter with the warming and exciting sounds of hip-hop and electronic music in “FARWARD.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic Phayze-Won, and congratulations on your latest release, "FARWARD." What experience took you to make “FARWARD?”

"Farward" is a common term in certain cultures. It translates to "forward, come forward, or come here" a lot of people use it when calling someone over to talk with them. I had the idea when I met my wife, and that's how the song idea came about.

How did you come together with Gov'Nah to make “FARWARD?”

Gov'Nah and I have been friends for a long time; he's another talented Canadian artist. His background is Latin, and I wanted to spice the song up. He was a perfect fit.

What was the most exciting moment of making the video for “FARWARD?”

The entire process of making the video was amazing. The best feeling was completing the project. While I'd say the smoke bombs were fun, capturing an audience along the beach while we were filming was exciting.

What has been the most rewarding from making “FARWARD?”

People are really impressed with the video and the fact that we filmed it locally in Canada when it looks like we shot it somewhere in the tropics.

How would you like people to feel when listening to “FARWARD?” What's next for you?

Happy, feel good, get up and dance, feel alive. That's what I want. It's a fun song with a rhythm to move and wine your body. Next for me is shooting a video for Ol Dayz, another song off my current album, I AM KING, with an artist called Don Von Jovi, a great friend of mine. So stay on the lookout for that next video coming soon.


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