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Phayze-Won Touches On "Real Love," With His Latest Release

The Canadian Hip-Hop/R&B scene just got deeper with the release of Phayze-Won's recent collaboration with JMaxx for their single, "Real Love."

In the music scene for over two decades now, Phayze-Won is continuously finding new ways to up his craft and allow his sound to resonate with various audiences. The singer-songwriter and hip-hop artist has teamed up with several producers over the years, all of who amplify Phayze-Won's unique sound to keep his listeners locked in.

Dropping his highly anticipated single, "Real Love," listeners can hear a passionate performance by Phayze-Won and JMaxx as they swelter in the heat of prime time hip-hop and R&B. While touching on themes of true passion and pure-hearted desire, we absolutely adore the heartfelt vibes and nostalgic feel of this single.

"Real Love" begins with a warm and bright R&B instrumental breakdown while nostalgic hip-hop drums make their way in and give us a sliver of the past. As Phayze-Won starts rapping about his love for someone that can't be measured by any unit, JMaxx takes the spotlight and sings a highly endearing message of requited love.

As Phayze-Won goes back into his verse and raps about love, trust, loyalty, and much more, his flow is perfectly complemented by the uplifting production, giving us heavy 90s/00s r&b vibes. Ending the song off with a harmonious outro through a soulful female flair singing her passionate lyricism, she's accompanied by heartfelt and organic instrumentals that finish the track with passion.

Don't miss out on Phayze-Won's wildly passionate release, "Real Love," as he and JMaxx team up to offer the utmost sincere and genuine lyricism to get our hearts fluttering.

We love the warmth and passion you offer within your recent single, "Real Love." What inspired you to delve deeper into the world of passionate songwriting for this piece?

Love inspired wife my Queen who has stood by my side through so much over the last three years. Her unconditional love & support for me..for my passions & dreams keeps me grounded. My wife is my rib she gives me strength with her strength intelligence & love. She definitely inspired me to delve into more passionate writing because she's renewed my faith in love.

What was your collaboration like with JMaxx for your single, "Real Love?" What did this process look like? This collaboration with JMaxx aka Jay Maxwell was a great experience! J Maxx is not only a very talented vocalist but very professional and creative. We did not spend physical time together in the recording process, but we spoke of my vision for this piece "Real Love" JMaxx wrote & recorded his part, and then I wrote and recorded my part separately before having it mixed and mastered at Achieve Dreams Studio by the sickest Samy Sosa... It was a smooth process. I'm honored JMaxx was a part of this piece with me. Within your single, "Real Love," who was featured on the outro? What inspired this organic and passionate instrumental/vocal outro? Well the legend the Queen of soul herself Anita Baker is featured on the outro of "Real Love".....which is a sample from her love song "Sweet Love". She is also a huge musical inspiration sound her voice and the loving memories bring back listening to her songs, they make you feel warmth & love. What should we expect from the forthcoming music video for your single "Real Love?" You can definitely expect something different than what I've done before as far as a video goes. It will be a video that tells a story of love "Real Love" so STAY TUNED. It's going to be hot. What would you like listeners to feel while they are listening to the music you create? I want my listeners to relate and connect on some is a universal language and it's how I express myself. I want them to enjoy the music I create....feel good.


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