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"Pickup" The Heartfelt Message noah. Puts Down In His Poignant New Single

Toronto is home to singer-songwriter noah., who continues to keep listeners on their toes as he's made his debut on the music scene this year.

With only two songs out, he's following up with the latest sonic venture, "Pickup," – a brilliant demonstration of his consistency and the exhilarating energy he brings forth as a creative.

The lulling sounds dip into a realm of contemporary R&B and pop as he blends these genres to contribute to a sound unique to his persona and experiences.

"Pickup" drenches us in the delicate ease of acoustic guitar riffs and wavy synths and pads, all while being accompanied by intriguing percussion patterns that set a tempo, further creating an atmosphere of anticipation. We're hooked on the instrumentation noah. instills on this record as a genuine chronicle that many of us can relate to.

From the moment "Pickup" immerses our speakers in authentic emotion, we're drawn towards noah. 's magnetism in the music he produces. He is professing his feelings in a thought-provoking manner as he serenades the apple of his eye and reassures her that he will never leave her, no matter the doubts she carries around through each season.

His soulful croons emit dynamic harmonies that fill this composition with an abundance of sentiment. With the lyrical motif, "when I call you better pickup," being prominently professed through silky repercussions, it's clear that noah. will stop at nothing to ensure she knows he truly loves her.

There's a profound quintessence that noah. emanates as he conveys opulent lyrics through poignant timbres. Roping us into his storytelling skillset, we're thrilled to hear what noah. has waiting for us in the future.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, noah.! Congratulations on the release of your latest single, "Pickup." We love how your lyrics ring true and allow us to grasp the concept in such a direct way. Is this song inspired by a particular moment or story you lived through?

Pickup isn't inspired really by one specific moment in time, but I feel like I actually pulled from a few points in time in relationships where you feel you might start drifting from that person a bit, but can't help but still try and hold on. I had a lot of fun writing this one as I was able to mix in some more entertaining lyrics with that overall theme.

How did you get started on your musical journey? Has music always been something you wanted to pursue?

I started singing and songwriting with a couple of close friends from university, and we put out a few tracks and projects together for a while. They helped me develop my sound to what it is today, and it's been cool to see us all branch out and work as individual artists while still collaborating pretty frequently.

What is it like tapping into that part of your heart and mind when creating such a whole-hearted record? Do you find you have to create when you're in the emotion, or can you revisit it at a later date?

Probably like most artists, I always find that my writing always turns out best when tapping directly into past experiences, emotions, or something like that. Everything just flows so much easier at least from a writing perspective. And there's always time to revisit and revise, but I feel like some of my best songwriting has been done in a 1-2 hour space where I'm really in that mood.

What non-musical aspirations do you have? Do you feel these outlets bring you inspiration when it comes to making music?

I actually do a bit of modeling on the side as well, and I've been trying to also put more time into that and get more experience in that field. Influence from photographers and other models in some of my favorite shots and projects this year have really helped to inspire the visuals behind my two releases so far and have given me great inspo for future videos and covers coming soon.

What can we expect to see and hear from you in 2023?

I'm planning a couple of other singles for early next year that I feel will branch out a bit from the type of music I've put out so far—hoping to also follow those up with a bigger project soon. Stay tuned. :)

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