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Piper Madison Releases “Hard Feelings”

Piper Madison is a 16 year old multi instrumentalist as well as singer who knows how to produce quality sounding music such as the release of her single “Hard Feelings”. Best known for her work previously on Nickelodeon's 100 things to do before high school, she knows how to cultivate a unique and detailed sound that many people can become engrossed by. “Hard Feelings” begins with a slight sultry aura with a dazzling rock pop tune that can become widely popular and a mainstream success across many radio stations. “Love is just a feeling, I don’t like this feeling” “No hard feelings, just quit reeling me back in”. The romantically melancholic lyrics are perfect for this valentine season where people are more prone to listen to music that helps them reflect on their significant others. Besides the relatable lyrics, the whole melody of the single was just really addicting for us. It’s so memorable where we will find ourselves randomly singing the hook in the office. It’s nonetheless a hit that will spark chemistry between you and that special person on your mind.

Listen to "Hard Feelings" here, and learn more about Piper in our interview below!

Hey Piper, mind telling us a little bit about yourself?

I'm a singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, and actress, born in Louisville, KY. I moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting about seven years ago. You can catch me in a national Domino's commercial right now, and I have a short film coming out called "Afterthoughts." Aside from acting and music, I love dogs, nature, food, and fashion. 

What inspired you to write “Hard Feelings”? 

"Hard Feelings" was inspired by an on-again off-again relationship that was super annoying and wouldn't end. I wrote the song out of anger, but it turned into my form of closure. 

Does it become challenging for you to connect with your songwriting or is it something you’re natural at? 

Songwriting is something I just connect with. I use songwriting as an outlet for my emotions because it has always been easier for me to write and sing what I'm feeling than say how I"m feeling. All in all songwriting comes pretty naturally to me. 

How does “Hard Feelings” differentiate from your other releases?

"Hard Feelings" is more upbeat and has a faster-tempo than my two previous releases! My vision for this track was to make you want to dance and sing along.

What’s next for you through 2019?

I'll be releasing more singles over the next month or two, leading up to the release of my debut album! I also have some performances coming up: You can catch me at SXSW on March 15 with listen for me on Good Morning La La Land on February 25th.


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