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“Pitch Perfect” By Static770 Has Exceptional Lyrical Flow And Beats

Up and coming artist Static770 showcases his ability to switch up his flow to diverse and different vibes. ‘Pitch Perfect’, a song that revisits past relationship emotions, is his biggest song with 800+ views so far and give listeners an idea of just how diverse he can get. Static770 is able to deliver bars and punchlines consistently well allowing the bigger picture behind his lyrics to shine through in his music.

‘Pitch Perfect’ starts off with smooth, feel good sounds that pick up pace when the lyrics drop. Static is able to flow each lyrics together effortlessly and the added emphasis on specific lyrics throughout the song adds depth to this bumping track. I love the classic structure of ‘Pitch Perfect’ as it starts out with sounds that introduce you to the general vibe of the track, followed by the emphasis of chorus and creative verses with different meanings behind each. Static utilizes metaphors that are scattered throughout ‘Pitch Perfect’ like “But I play you like a trumpet” and it helps the listener paint a picture of the story that he is trying to tell through this creative track. The beats that accompany Static in ‘Pitch Perfect’ are a glorious mash up of genres from what sounds like hints of pop to very distinct tones of R&B and bits of what sounds like funk. If you are looking for a song that gets you pumped up and feeling good about life then ‘Pitch Perfect’ is the absolute perfect track for you.

Listen to "Pitch Perfect" here and get to know more Static770 below!

Hey Static770! Wonderful to catch up with you! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Hi my names is Qadar Morgan but the people call me static I was born in Newark Nj 

I’m a r&b artist everything I write about come from my heart 

Do you often use past experiences to help write new music or do you write about other things as well?

Umm yes I do because there are a lot of thing that happened in the past that’s made me move to music I felt like I couldn’t express myself the way I wanted if I didn’t do it in music 

How did you first find your love for music and what made you create your sound?

I found love for music though a dream that I still hope comes true and found my sound though teaching myself have to rap learned a lot of words and show people that anyone can do this 

What is the meaning behind ‘Pitch Perfect’?

The meaning of pitch perfect is that I was hurt but at the same time I wanted to show them that I can snap on any beat literally I have so much doubt from people that why pitch perfect is about a lot of things

Can we expect to see any new music or performances from you in 2019?

Yes I am going to have a tour in August I’m dropping a new single next week and and big ep in the up coming months.


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