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Polish Singer Viktoria Vera Arrives with Waves on Indie-Electronic Single, "The Ocean"

Victoria Vera’s lush, soul-infused vocals deliver a soothing listening experience over an awe-inspiring instrumental. Talking about her big move to the USA, Vera describes the contrasting feeling of needing to embrace nature yet being dragged back to the mental burden of work/life-related stress; “My new single is about that feeling of longing for connecting with nature as you are feeling the call of duty.”

We are infatuated with Vera’s ability to create such a tranquilizing sound. A homage to nature, The Ocean is a warning, a reminder for us to restore our relationship with nature despite our stress-loaded days.

In the build-up to Vera’s debut album, The Ocean is a welcome admonition for us to pause our busy lives, just for a moment and enjoy what the natural world has to offer. Relieve your senses with Viktoria Vera’s invigorating release ‘The Ocean’ now available on all streaming services.

We're in love with the story behind your new record, ‘The Ocean.’ Can you tell us more about how your move to the USA inspired the lyrics behind the song?

I can! I came to the U.S in 2019 when I was 19 years old. I knew even when I was in high school that I wanted to pursue my music in America. I came here to see if I could manifest my dreams in the new culture. With this new place came new people and now I am making my music in the way I want to make it. My single, “The Ocean” is about the primordial connection we share with nature. At the times when I was feeling the most stressed and lonely in Los Angeles, just the possibility of connecting with the ocean made me feel stronger in a beautiful and balanced way. In a sense, the song is about understanding how nature can help you to get through the harder times.

You are clearly passionate about your relationship with nature, how important is your connection with the outdoors for your creative process?

I miss Los Angeles honestly because of the nature! It's really important for me to stay outdoors especially with traveling. I love being connected with the elements outdoors and this passion gives me the freedom to think and find my inner voice. This voice is telling me what I should write about and what I should say. I am still finding myself and refining my process of writing song lyrics. "The Ocean" is a more experimental single for me because the lyric is really simple. It means a lot to me because it is simply about this feeling of freedom and love when you're connected with nature and love yourself.

Who are your biggest musical influences and how do you incorporate these influences into your sound?

I feel like Amy Winehouse is a huge influence in the sense of the strong vocals. Her authentic ones and crispy sounds in her voice are beautiful. I feel like in general American music with breathy tones like Sabrina Claudio or Snoh Aalegra really keep me inspired. With this song, I wanted to keep this more chill, breathy rather than a super belting voice.

We hear that there is an album on the way! Can you give any insight as to what we can expect from the project?

Right now I am working on the video for my first single that came out one year ago: "Good Enough." I would definitely surprise you guys with a dance video of me and one of my friends who is a professional dancer as well as an EP featuring two amazing artists who are collaborating with me right now so I'm super excited to show the world what we are together made and create. And yes I have been working on a longer album project to release when the time is right as well. This longer album will be more focused on a retro RnB Soul sound infused with more modern production elements.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

I feel like people situations my own experiences in the sense of like I haven't seen my people from Poland who I really love for a long time. This brings up thoughts of having to do my best. I have to do everything to be proud of myself. Singing and songwriting for me definitely help take some bad emotions and turn something negative into something positive in a way that makes people feel the same way I felt. That way we can connect by the music to get through the hard times.



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