Ponce Evokes The Emotion Of Love And Chemistry With “Around You”

Ponce, a dynamic rock duo based in Nashville, Tennessee consists of twin brothers Carson and Michael Ponce. The twins efficiently cross genres; from classic, harmony-driven melodies reminiscent of Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers, to modern, synth-led pop productions with melodic guitar leads evocative of The Killers and HAIM. their single “Around You” proves to be an example of this with its soft canorous tune alongside the dream-like aura of the music.

The flavored song has many numerous assets that opens a temporary time machine for you to escape back into the classic “feel good” time period of music. In my opinion, this song evokes the emotion of love. It’s a song that talks about the chemistry between two people and the everlasting feeling of falling in love. It’s hard to think of anybody becoming sad while listening to the single, it evokes a more positive feeling of emotion. “The way that I feel when I’m around you” with the delightful guitar strings and the atmospheric setting, your heart is bound to lit up and feel at ease during the duration of the song.

Listen to "Around You" here and get to know Ponce in our exclusive interview below!

Hi PONCÉ! Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

(Michael) Hello! We’re Carson and Michael Poncé, twin brothers who make up the Nashville-based rock band, PONCÉ.

Did the both of you grow up in a musically inclined household? How did you spark up an interest in music!?

(Michael) We did! Our parents both sang choir in college and our mom has a been a pianist and piano teacher for 40+ years. She made us take one year of piano each before we moved on to guitar (Carson) and drums (Michael). We also grew up singing in church choir and eventually playing in our worship band as high schoolers. Music was always around us so I guess it just seemed like a natural thing to gravitate towards and try out.

How has it been collaborating on music as a duo? 

(Michael) We’ve literally been doing it since birth so it obviously comes with its perks and challenges. We both hold very strong visions for our music and while we agree 95% of the time, the other 5% can become a tug-of-war. But the 95% is a very focused collaboration that’s a blast to work on together. We’re very close and neither of us are going anywhere anytime soon so there’s no option other than to figure it out.

If you guys can categorize yourself in any specific genre what would you choose and why?

(Michael) We always just tell people: rock. We’re a rock band. Our heroes (The Killers, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen,  Ryan Adams) are rockers. With so many genres, it’s easy sometimes to hear a synth or an out of left field arrangement or instrument and want to label it as something very specific. We like to write catchy melodies, hit drums and veg on guitar riffs. Rock n roll.

What’s the most special quality about “Around You”

(Carson) We took a lot of care and consideration in the production and feeling for “Around You”. We really wanted it to sound “In Love” and I think we achieved that. As far as special quality? You don’t hear key changes much anymore and once we toyed with that idea it absolutely stuck. The song is exciting and fast to me which is something we were chasing in the production. 

How was the songwriting of this single? Any challenges?

(Carson) The song is about someone and something genuine but I’d say the biggest challenge was trying to write slick and interesting lyrics while still staying true to the emotions and message of the song. In the end, I wrote from my heart and the way I write and didn’t try to force anything, which is always the way I write best. Being you is so much more interesting than copying a formula or previous pop song. And a pop song indeed is what I was going for.

Who are a few of your musical influences that have helped shape your careers in music?

(Michael) We mentioned some influences in regards to genre but additionally and as of late, bands like HAIM, The 1975 and The Japanese House have shown us how you can take really good and catchy songwriting and tweak the production just a little to swing between indie, pop and rock. “Around You” sounds like an indie-pop ballad but we could’ve just as easily stripped it down and made it a chill rock love song. 

What’s next for Ponce in 2019?

Lots of touring and a finished record. “Around You” is the second single release from a project that’s been kind of stitched together for a year now. We plan on releasing a few more singles before April or so then releasing the project as a whole. We’re back on the road in the middle of January and hope to keep rolling through the rest of the year. We did almost 70 dates in 2018 and would love to get near double that number in 2019. We love the road, we love meeting new people and sharing our music with the biggest and tiniest corners of the country. 

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