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Pop Artist Kelly Vargas Pays Homage to her Latin Roots

Originally from Long Island, New York, Kelly Vargas is a multi-talented pop artist who is now based out of Los Angeles, California.

Always open to mastering new skills, she is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, engineer, and producer. The first-generation Costa Rican-American artist takes advantage of her production talents by fusing Latin and R&B flavors into her pop tracks.

Kelly Vargas stands out among other artists by paying homage to her Latin roots with intoxicating vibrations and passionate vocals. She often showcases her impressive range as she transitions effortlessly between delicate croons and boisterous serenades.

As if Kelly Vargas’ captivating sonic production wasn’t enough, she is sure to win over the listener with her introspective lyricism. During her songwriting process, Kelly Vargas finds herself inspired alongside collaborators including songwriter and producer Jason Lee.

Working with other artists allows Kelly Vargas to maintain musical versatility and keep her listeners on their toes and eager to hear what’s next.

Discover more about Kelly Vargas here.


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