Pop Artist rüün Releases His Third Single "Tail Lights"

rüün is a Pop artist who creates memorable Pop music. In the past, he has released two other singles that featured Isaiah Blass and Cooper & Gatlin. rüün's third single "Tail Lights" was written with legendary songwriters Jenny Owen Youngs, and Jon Green. "Tail Lights" was inspired by the losses within the lives of the writers. This record has a lot of fantastic elements within, it features a groovy minimalistic electronic drum kit, an ambient piano, and a beautiful atmospheric vocal duet.

The production of "Tail Lights" has a very exciting modern vibe to it, there are a lot of little flairs of various synths and percussion parts that come in and out accenting the story being told. The hook is incredibly memorable and catchy, you'll find yourself humming the hook before it even happens. The true highlight, however, is the vocal duet. Both voices beautifully complement each other and have an almost ethereal quality to them that leaves them feeling incredibly smooth to listen to - almost as if it was a dark lullaby. There are a lot of fantastic elements in this record and this is something that everyone would love having a listen to.

Listen to "Tail Lights" here.