Pop/Country Superstar Devon Nickoles Releases Smashing New Hit "Radios On"

Pop/Country artist Devon Nickoles released her new single ‘Radio’s On’ and we took a listen ourselves and can tell you that this is a smash! It’s an upbeat modern pop infused country song about getting lost in the music with an addictive hook that’s hard to forget. It’s fierce and has the perfect element of repetitive that’s going to make it unforgettable! The combination of the guitar strings and the drum set gives it that good country roots mixed with her contemporaneous vocals adding the perfect Pop flare needed to give it a mainstream wave if wanted!

This song is perfect to add to any of your playlists that you listen to solely for the purpose of stimulating your happiness, and restoring your energy! It’s like a musical gatorade that gets you replenished. ‘Raise your hands up if you know this song, better sing along if the radio’s on’ the lyrics itself just displays nothing but a positive message. It repeats itself a lot during the song which in this case is fitting. It’s a song that will for sure get stuck in your head and you can’t help but to sing it out loud. We can thank Devon and Nashville based songwriter Craig Wilson. ‘Radios On’ is in line to be her biggest single release yet and we can guarantee that theory!

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/devonstar1212