Pop Duo Lights For Landing New Single "Take My Hand" Is A Total Hit

Lights For Landing is a pop duo made up of singer/songwriter Courtney Reid and singer/songwriter/producer Michael Tulimiero who released a captivating and emotional single called “Take My Hand” that has a chic and groovy approach which makes this not your average “Sad song”. “Take My Hand” is rather a more energetic and animated song despite the fact that it can also be described and categorized as a dejected and desponded single. The blend of both voices on this track was really pleasant to hear. The significantly cool beat had numerous of different elements and qualities in which were engrossing and attractive to my ears! The way I interpreted the lyrics is that although life can get hard sometimes, if you relax and remain positive you will see how you can get through almost anything and everything.

I personally love interpreting music because it gives the single more personality rather than just a bland sound of melodic voices and generic instrumental. Due to that, Lights For Landing completely excelled in the art of creating analytical and informative music that’s also trendy, up to date and popular! The music video released to this was a cute way to display the image that most of us will have in our heads while listening to the song. Lights For Landing overall did an exceptional job with this single and they have all the right kicks to be a long running success.

Listen to “Take My Hand” on Spotify and check out our interview with the duo below!

Care to introduce you guys to our readers and the idea behind becoming a duo?

Before forming Lights For Landing, we had both played in a number of different bands and also done the solo artist thing. As soon as we started working together, we realized that our collaboration could yield something really special that we wouldn’t be able to pull off on our own. Our ‘sound’ was immediately unique thanks to our contrasting vocal tones and styles. Beyond that, our ‘vibe’ sat somewhere at the intersection of all our combined musical experiences - between the two of us we’ve been involved in singer-songwriter bands, club dance music, Americana groups, classical orchestras, pop bands and hip-hop production. Drawing from this pool of inspiration provides a unique creative foundation that we build on every time we co-write!

“Take My Hand” was a beautiful song, what do you guys hope to achieve from your fans and listeners who will be listening to this single?

We wrote Take My Hand to encourage hope and inspire optimism. The song acknowledges that life can be crazy and unpredictable, but then it urges you to keep your head up! One idea that we talked about a lot when putting this track together was the importance of finding people (or a person) who will stand with you no matter what. We also want to communicate the importance of being that person who offers a helping hand and comes alongside someone who needs support and encouragement.

Do you two think music nowadays lack substance in their lyricism?

Mainstream music is often criticized for lacking lyrical substance but some of the changes in our industry do seem to be making room for deeper more though-provoking pop songs. That being said, there’s a difference between depth and complexity. Lyrics don’t need to be complicated in order to communicate big ideas. Take My Hand is an example of a song with simple lyrics but a universally relevant message. Although there are plenty of current ‘hit’ songs that make us roll our eyes with cliche/unthoughtful lyrics we are inspired by the writers who address profound topics with accessible language.

How would you guys describe “Take My Hand” to someone who never heard it?

Take My Hand is an upbeat, pop anthem about coming alongside each other when life gets hard!

If you guys can change one thing about the song, what would you change and why?

There’s not a single thing we would want to change about this track. We’ve talked about releasing alternate versions of other songs on the EP but we love Take My Hand as it is. Our good friends and collaborators at The Halo Studio (Portland ME) did an unbelievable job helping us enhance the arrangement and bring the song to life with some incredible engineering. It honestly comes across exactly as we hoped it would when we originally wrote it.

With this concise and impressive lyricism I must ask, Do you both collaborate in the songwriting of your singles?

Yes. All of our songs are co-writes. Melodies and lyrics are always a team effort!

What's next for Lights For Landing?

We plan to release two more singles and a few more videos over the next few months and the rest of the EP will come out after that. Currently, we are pursuing placement opportunities for a few of our songs and just trying to share our music with as many people as possible! Thanks so much for the opportunity to be featured!

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