Pop/EDM Duo Nicole & Scotty Turn Heads With “#Queen”

Nicole & Scotty are a Pop/EDM sibling duo based in Southern California. The dynamic pair are recording/performing artists, songwriters, musicians, audio engineers and producers. Recently featured on Billboard Sound, the SoCal duo is making waves in the music industry. Their debut single “#Queen” has achieved over 55k streams on Spotify and over 26k views on the official music video via YouTube since it's release on October 5th, 2018. 

Nicole & Scotty's chemistry is undeniable throughout “#Queen”. Not only is the production incredible, but the melody and ups and downs of this song are so empowering and so fun to vibe with. This song stays true to its name, allowing the listener to relate every lyric to their own situation and feel inspired and empowered. I love the confident vocals that are flawless and intoxicating. Nicole’s vocals are completely mesmerizing and hard-hitting. The uplifting anthem and transcendent track “#Queen” is a motivational song that gives confidence to any listener. Nicole & Scotty’s blood connection and what they have been through together has created a strong chemistry. They have a story to tell through their music and I think this track “#Queen” is just a peek into what’s to come from these two.

Listen to #Queenhere and read more below in our exclusive interview. 

Hey guys! Can you tell us a bit more about yourselves?

Hey there! Totally! So we're Nicole & Scotty, a sister/brother duo from Los Angeles, SoCal. We are recording/performing artists, songwriters, producers, and audio engineers. We write and record our own original Pop music, which basically has a singer/songwriter, lyrical vibe that meets Trip-Hop and electronic beats. We've been working in music since we started our YouTube channel (TheMusicInMe777) 6 years ago, and got our start after we were discovered and invited on tour by Elvis' daughter, Lisa Marie Presley.

What’s the writing process like for a brother/sister duo? It's actually awesome!

We've always been like best friends to one another and super close since we were little (people even often mistake us for twins haha!) So we have kind of a telepathic, sibling connection going on that really serves us well through the writing process. Most of the time we start by Nicole writing lyrics and melody concepts. Then, Scotty writes chords and starts to build the production of each song around the core of the song itself (lyrics, melody, chords). We love writing together.

What makes you both so passionate about music? Life can be rough, right?

We've both been through some gnarly times (school stress and bullying when we were younger, family stress, anxiety, depression, social pressure, etc) and growing up, the remedy for getting through all that was always listening to our favorite songs. Sharing our personal stories through our own songs is cathartic. If we can help even one person feel less alone through our music, we feel like we've done our job. Nothing reconnects people to themselves quite like music does.

Who are your biggest inspirations musically? Dang that's a tough question! We have so many. Taylor Swift has been Nicole's biggest inspiration to treat each song like it's a diary entry since she was young. Scotty's guitar hero is John Mayer through and through, and he's crazy about DJs like Illenium, Said The Sky, Alison Wonderland, Rezz, etc. We both adore acts that are on the rise or new to the scene such as Billie Eilish, Frankie, Nina Nesbitt, Jess Kent, Terror Jr., AlunaGeorge. We love music of all different varieties and genres, so we've really drawn inspiration from countless artists. But especially from the wide variety of indie songwriters on the up and up, working relentlessly to have their voices and stories heard. Making our own way through the industry independently these past 6 years, we've had the absolute pleasure to be exposed to sheer, raw talent that deserves to be put in the spotlight. We always encourage people to dig deeper than what's advertised and discover artists who are just getting started.

#Queen” is an awesome track! Can you tell the readers more about the meaning behind it?

Thanks a ton, we're really glad you enjoyed! So a few years ago, I found myself caught up in what would have turned into an abusive relationship with a guy who exhibited many controlling traits. He wasn't sure of his own career path, but he basically wanted to take advantage of who I was as a singer/songwriter to further his own endeavors. Asking me to write songs for him, hook him up with my connections, get him playing at the venues Scotty and I were playing at. After I cut ties with him, I was feeling pretty put down and used. I needed a confidence booster. I needed to write a song that reminded me that I'm worth more than what that guy thought of me, and that I'm stronger for what I went through, so we wrote #Queen. Our hope is that other girls (or anyone really!) feeling taken advantage of or put down will be reminded that they are (and should be treated like) royalty. And no less.

What's next for you two?

We're currently working on condensing years of original material into a 2 part EP (most likely 5 to 6 songs each), that we'll hopefully be able to release very soon! We went on tour earlier this year and we're constantly booking new shows, so keep up with us on social media and catch one if you can!

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