Powderr Is Showing Us Why He’s Next Up With “CHAOS”

Powderr is just a young upcoming artist who is doing what he loves. The 18 year old rap artist from Sudbury, Canada, Powderr music influences includes many artists such as $uicideBoy$, Pouya, Bones, TAZ, Mac Miller, Denzel Curry, XXXtentacion, Eminem, and Logic. Powderr recalls writing his first track ever to “Young Sinatra 3” by Logic and from that point forward, he knew he discovered what he was meant to do. Currently studying business at Cambrian College, Powderr was able to view music from an executive perspective.

Powderr released his single titled “CHAOS” featuring the artist TYV and this dark aggressive beat proved to serve as a great foundation for this record. The lyrics were strong and reflected the thoughts and mindset of the artist. “CHAOS” had such a hard production and fabricated the perfect haunting atmosphere for the listener. I loved how easy it was to dissect and distinguish the two rappers. The dynamics in both of their flows and delivery were both different. One is more chaotic and loud while the other is more relaxed and subtle, but the energy both rappers brought rode the beat like a wave. Both completely different rappers with a similar caliber of talent. Highly skilled articulations, and insane punchlines, Powderr and TYV killed it in “CHAOS”. Listen to "CHAOS" here!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Powderr! In what ways has your upbringing and growing environment impacted your music?

What up what up. Growing up it was pretty tough. At the age of 10 my parents divorced and I had to live week-to-week at each household. Four years prior to that, my grandmother passed away and she mentioned to my mother that I have a special gift for music. My uncle always had his guitar out at family gatherings so that really instilled the passion for music in me at a young age. My high school years were also really tough (dealing with concussions from football, getting kicked out of the house, assaulted by my mother's husband, no connection with father) but music was always there. These situations has helped me to be genuine with my music because I know others are in similar circumstances and if I share my story people won't ever feel alone. 

Out of all your inspirations, who do you think benefitted your artistry the most?

Logic. If it wasn't for him I would have never gotten into rap. He showed me freedom of expression and not to be afraid to tell your story.  

Let’s talk about this record “CHAOS”, what was the major theme you were getting at?

The theme for "CHAOS" is in the title. Life is chaotic, living fast, dealing with anxiety, being heavily influenced, making mistakes, and learning from them. This track is me expressing that. 

What was the most challenging aspect of creating “CHAOS”?

The most challenging aspect of CHAOS was simply getting the studio time. Everything in the song I speak about comes from a real place, so it made my job easy because I just had to be myself. 

What’s next for you Powderr?

Ain't no telling what's next. I am going to continue to grind. I'm gonna do what I do best, make great music that is going to impact people.  

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