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Power Up With the Alluring Sounds of, "Damn It"

Charging onto the music scene with her dark and soulful energy, Hip-hop/R&B artist N3S, a native of Toronto, Canada, uses her lyrical expertise to emanate the rawest emotions from her music.

Growing up shy and secluded as a child, N3S became enamored with the freedom and power that music brought to her life and soul. Now, possessing a personal and professional mission of accessing her pain to unlock her greater power and connecting with her audience, N3S aims to inspire her listeners to walk their own paths by tapping into their inner sense of self.

Tiered with a blend of passionate and candid lyrics that expose her deepest pains and devastating truths, the emerging artist who also goes by the moniker Champ’s Pain, delivers her weighty bass single, “Damn It” to the world. In a time where self-reflection and honesty are in dire need, the soothing essence of this thought-provoking single makes its way into the minds of her audience.

Recruiting the empowering pull of artist Lokey in order to further launch the spirit of "Damn It," through your speakers, the lush dynamism of these two on a track has us fully engaged in the effortless flow we're exposed to.

Dominating the instrumentation with a sultry expression of timbres that transcend her every thought and sentiment, N3S blesses the ears of her listeners as she allows them to fall into a sense of comfort that is apparent through the consumption of “Damn It.” We admire how the atmospheric nature of this record borders the very therapeutic essence that she intends to deliver with utter ease.

Ready to leap into a worldwide status with her artistic capabilities, N3S contributes an inimitable sound and strong work ethic that remains authentic to herself in “Damn It,” and the rest of her music catalog. Ideally placed into the spotlight for her listeners that are looking for an introspective outlook and eloquent delivery, Champ’s Pain has found the perfect niche that compliments her sincere and heartfelt approach.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, N3S. We’re enthralled with the magnetism that you bring to the table in “Damn It.” With such introspective lyrics, could you please share the inspiration behind this song?

Hi BuzzMusic! Thank you for welcoming me. The inspiration behind "Damn It" was triggered through a night of a first-time failed performance. I have performed successfully on various occasions prior to this night, so I was feeling quite confident about this performance. Unfortunately, due to my lack of humbleness and exceeding my drinking limit, I forgot all my lyrics as soon as I hit the stage. It was one of the most uncomfortable moments in my life. I ran off the stage and rushed home immediately. Quitting music actually ran through my mind for a second, but I snapped out of it and decided to conquer. A couple of days later, my friend Rudeboy Beats (producer) sent me a beat that aligned with my intense emotions through that experience. Then "Damn it" came to life.

We love the moniker that you go by. How did this name come to you, and how does it speak into your artistry?

Thank you! N3S (NES) is actually a short form of my full name Neslen. It was been a nickname people have called me growing up. The 3 represents the trinity alignment of the mind, body, and spirit through my frequency (music).

Could you please share a glimpse into what the creative process entailed when bringing “Damn It” to life? Was there anyone assisting you with this cemented vision of the sound we get to take in?

Of course. My friend Rudeboy Beats (producer) sent me a beat a couple of days after that painful night of realization. The beat came with the hook (LOKEY singing) of that "Damn It" melody. I instantly felt it and started spilling my pen reflecting on that experience. "Damn it" is exactly what I felt that night. The alignment was real. I literally wrote the song that day. Shortly after, I hit the studio and summoned the track.

How does “Damn It” compare to other songs heard in your music catalog?

That night taught me a lesson about being humble and staying grounded no matter how confident you are. It also showed me that everything really does happen for a reason. I was so unhappy that the experience occurred, but now I'm so happy that it happened. It triggered me to create one of my personal favorite songs in my catalog. It's really the definition of "Champ's Pain." Turning your pain into power.

What's next for you?

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that! More music. More music videos. More collaborations. More performances. Stay tuned!


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