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Powerful Lyricist Champ Adom Drives “Exodus” Forward Off His New Album, “The Block Is Hot”

Champ Adom is a 23-year-old artist from Raleigh, North Carolina who's been writing music ever since he was 10 years old. An instrumentalist as well, he crafted his skills from the ages of 7 and 8. This includes trumpet, piano, and guitar. He’s currently enrolled in Berklee College Of Music and has been studying music business. He plans on being independent until he gets signed to Dreamville.

Champ Adom released his album titled “The Block Is Hot”, and one extravagant single off this project, well one of many, would be the single titled “Exodus” which features Shaniqua McCants. “Exodus” fits into the category of “Conscious” rap in my personal outlook. It has a well driven and strong presence in the lyricism that enlightens a sense of awakening. What do we mean by awakening? It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the universal consciousness but has everything to do with being aware of the feelings you feel from this song, the vibe you receive, the atmosphere it brings, and more. Everything goes hand in hand with one another in “Exodus” becoming a united force of energy that intrigues its listener. Champ Adom reminds me of the powerful hip-hop artists who knew how to deliver great lyrical content such as Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, Nipsey Hussle and more. Champ Adom has well-detailed artistry that’s equipped with unpredictability. You can’t predict what direction of his music it's going to take you next, due to his multitude of diverse storytelling he can bring to the table. “Exodus” was just a small offering of the masterful collection of records on “The Block Is Hot”

Listen to “The Block Is Hot” here and get to know more about Champ Adom below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Champ Adom, we’re happy to have you! Knowing you’re striving for the label Dreamville, what about them do you feel represents your artistry?

Thank you for the opportunity, what i like about Dreamville is they have so much potential. A true powerhouse, that will completely shift the music game. They are special to me because, I’ve been a fan of Cole since 2010 and I’ve seen him first hand build this empire he has from the ground up. With it being the home team, it just means so much more. Everything Cole stands for, his energy, just how he moves in this game. Is everything I strive to be in my own way. Much respect to the rest of the artist. Very talented group of individuals. And I believe we are all on the same frequency musically.

Talk to us about “The Block Is Hot”. What was your vision for this album?

Well the term ‘The Block is Hot’ originally refers to police surveilling a particular area more so than usual which causes disruption and for people to be more attentive than normal. Not by any means likening myself to the police lol but im playing off that little bit. I believe me being new to the game, I’m coming in to shake things up, turns heads, and have other artist watch they moves more carefully. I am coming in to completely disrupt the music game. With a new message, a new belief system that I believe will inspire many. And as far as the cover art I believe it just made sense you get inspiration from the movie “Next Friday” for the premise is almost the same. With Ice cube coming to a new area and shaking things up making everything hot. Plus I’ve always like the the movie poster as Well.

Are there any personal favorites off “The Block Is Hot”? What was the most challenging song for you to create and why?

If i had to choose, I would say mastermind and blasphemy. One cause mastermind I feel like has the most potential and it’s such a vibe. A true bop i feel like it’s up there Da Baby’s “Suge” and blasphemy is a personal favorite as well as a people’s favorite. Which has the most streams as of right now. My first music video will be blasphemy and I know I’m going to shake things up with the visuals so I can’t wait for that. The most challenging song would probably have to be “Exodus”

Only because finding a singer with the right tone, right voice, was a little bit of struggle but I’m thankful Shaniqua McCants for elevating the track for me. 

In what ways does “Exodus” relate to the theme of “The Block Is Hot” as a whole?

This whole EP is to show my potential as a artist. Show what I have to offer the game and why i deserve to be a staple in this game. As far as the song goes, I feel like anybody that listens to exodus or anything else on the project will see potential in song writing, lyrical stamina, flow, and just an ear for good music. 

How has Summer been treating you? What’s next for the Champ Adom?

Summer has been great. I can honestly say this is the best year I have lived. Mentally physically spiritually. I’ll be 23 tomorrow so this is my Lebron year, and I have to show out the rest of the year. I want to put out a single this month as well as the Blasphemy video. Also possibly another project before the summer ends but we will see. And just continue let people know who I am. 


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