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Powerhouse Rocker Kevin Eldridge Makes His Debut With “Monster”

Based right here in Los Angeles, California is the talented, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Kevin Eldridge. Originally from Harwich, MA, Kevin grew up on a steady diet of classic rock and blues music, which is reflected in his playing and songwriting. Kevin has previously played with Pawnshop Diamonds, Jamie Lynn Hart Band, Bell Bottom, Street Chalk, Lunar Rogue, Cardiac, Zero 1, Dixie N'ormus, Kaya Jones, LA Soul Project, and performs regularly at The Sunset Jam in West Hollywood. After playing in multiple bands in Boston and Los Angeles, Kevin is launching into the release of his first single with ease.

Kevin Eldridge makes his debut with his powerful single “Monster”, which was released in June 2019. The track features catchy and soul driven riffs and sultry vocals. “Monster” made of catchy leading electric guitar and instrumental elements, but also features unanticipated song developments through the flawless lyricism and emotional delivery. Kevin pour his heart and soul into every word and instrumental element The high energy single is an introspective representation on Kevin’s inner thoughts and emotions. Powerful and raw from start to finish, “Monster” is a spectacular debut for Los Angeles own, Kevin Eldridge. Be sure to keep up with Kevin for his future releases!

Check out “Monster” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hey Kevin, welcome to BuzzMusic! Was there something or someone in your life that inspired you to start making music?

Thanks for having me! My Parents made sure I grew up on a steady diet of classic rock, so I've always loved guitar and riff driven rock music. My Uncle Ed got my my first guitar when I was 13 and taught me my first few chords & riffs, and that really got me into playing guitar and music. Until semi-recently I had focused primarily on playing guitar, but in the last few years I wanted to be able to write and sing my own songs. I've also been really inspired by "Highly Suspect" - I really dig their style, and they grew up close to where I'm originally from (Harwich, MA) so that's been really inspiring to watch them make great music and see them take off.

What’s you debut single “Monster” about? What was the writing process like for your first release?

Ha, it's a bit of a heavy answer. Let's just say I didn't act like a gentlemen in one of my previous relationships, and it blew up in a pretty ugly way. I've grown up a lot since that time of my life, and "Monster" captures how I was feeling about myself during that time. It was kind of cathartic - I think part of me was still holding on to shame / guilt about how I behaved, and by putting it into a song and making it public, it's helped me make peace with the past. For the writing process, I typically have a handful of rock riffs that I'm working on or playing with, and I really liked the riff that's in the intro to "Monster". From there, it was about trying to tell the story and finding a melody that I liked and that meshed with riff & chord structure.

What artists influence your music?

Highly Suspect has been a really big recent influence on my writing and playing (I think you can hear it in "Monster" as well). I'm also a huge fan of Aerosmith, Slash, Muse, Royal Blood, and I think all of these bands seep their way into anything I write. I'm also really into The Maine and especially dig their approach to lyrics & melody.

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

First and foremost I hope they dig the song! There are still times when a killer riff will come on the radio (yes, I'm an elder millennial so I still listen to FM radio occasionally) and it gives me goosebumps, so I'm always aiming with anything I write to elicit an emotional reaction (aka "awwww $hit, turn that $hit up!). With the lyrics for "Monster", I tried to just tell the truth (even when it's about a part of me I'm not exactly proud of), so if it helps another person make peace with themselves, then that's awesome.

What’s next for Kevin Eldridge?

I'm planning on staying in writing mode for the near future and releasing some more singles, and then I'm planning to set up some shows for the LA area for later this year.


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