Powerhouse Singer/Songwriter Jackie Foster Shows She's "All That" With New Music

Los Angeles native Jackie Foster has been crafting personable singles that are able to lift spirits up and bring a certain kind of perk to listeners' days. If you aren't already familiar with Jackie Foster's work while she appeared on 2018's The Voice, then you should prepare yourself for what you're about to experience. Jackie Foster gives ambitious creations that easily lift up spirits and feel incredibly refreshing, ultimately allowing listeners to surge with a variety of bubbly sensations.

Jackie Foster is all about keeping the string of catchy and glamorous pop singles going with her release of "All That." The track instantly has a buzzing energy that pulls your captivation close in, especially with the enthusiastic personality of Jackie Foster and how well she's able to emulate that through her vocals. "All That" follows along with the storyline of a lost intimate connection and the confidence peak that comes after ending a relationship. The fierce and fiery character that Jackie Foster naturally expels throughout the track is the leading showcase. Jackie Foster completely takes over the single, and there wasn't a single second we thought the track swallowed her. With Jackie Foster's "All That," you're getting an authentically-driven, high-energy single that will leave an impressionable feel. We're intrigued to see what Jackie Foster's able to do with her sound next, and the feeling she'll wash over us.

Discover Jackie Foster's latest single, "All That", here

As an artist who has such potent spirited energy pour off of their music, would you say that this characterizable trait to yourself has come easily as a music artist, or was it a trait that had to be crafted over time?

I finally feel like I am writing the type of music that really represents me! If you wanted to know who I am, just listen to this song. Since a young age, my parents instilled the importance of finding your smile and experiencing joy. I think that's why they still have so much faith in my music career because I have faced every challenge with positive energy. I have always been a happy bubbly person since the day I learned how to sing. As I began to develop my sound and get older, there was a time where I felt only "cool girls" could get their music heard, so I tried to dress differently and change the way I acted. It never felt right. I wish I came to this realization sooner, but here I am about to be 25 and living my best life! I always want to represent my bubbly personality within my music and I feel like I am finally not afraid to do that.    "All That" definitely gets categorized as a feel-good, upbeat and stimulating song! Where did you draw influence from in order to establish such a fervor within the track? 

What I look for in a good song is something that will make me through my head back and vibe out. I co-wrote this song with Shelby Adams and Adam Loeffler and I kept emphasizing that I wanted to write a really fun energetic song about the guy who gets everything he wants except for the girl. I feel egos get in the way of people's true hearts and sometimes it gets the best of them. I wanted to give people the power to recognize that you don't always have to be "All That" to make it. In terms of musical influence, I couldn't stop listening to Dua Lipa's "Don't Start Now". When that song dropped, it changed everything for me. I finally heard a sound that is exactly what I wanted to do expect in my own way. I am thankful that groove and this new modern 80's disco vibe is coming back because I am LIVING for it. How do you feel the level of connection between you and your listeners have changed within the last few months? Do you find you remain just as connected with your listening base as you did pre-pandemic?  Since the pandemic, things have been strange but talking to fans to social media is my escape. While it is so scary to be in the music industry and have no clue what will happen, I am so thankful that my fans look to me and my music as a chance to forget about everything even if it's for 2 minutes and 52 seconds. What's changed most significantly with my listeners is I have stopped holding back and pretending to be well put together. The more real I am with myself and I show that on my social media, the more I connect with others. I feel like the human connection is more important now than ever and we all need to be open with our feeling. Where would you say your artistic journey is off to next now that "All That" is finally released?

Something feels really right about this song and I feel like this could be the one that changes my career. If I don't set goals, I can't challenge myself and I thrive under pressure. I am writing and already working on my next single because I can't let this momentum stop. Things are just getting started and I am finally comfortable with myself and my music that I refuse to let anything slow me down. I promise to give virtual concerts and connect with new listeners. I will always give people the chance to escape and experience a good time when they turn on my music.  What has been keeping you inspired this year?

Oddly enough, home design is keeping me inspired. I know it has absolutely nothing to do with music, but somehow it works for me. When I can spend my creative energy on multiple things, it helps my songwriting in the long run. For now, it is all about accent walls, thrift flips, and renovation haha. I know it sounds so weird but finding a hobby during all of this keeps me sane and my mind straight. It also drives me to work harder on my music and create something that will make people smile. I feel lucky to have such amazing support and be surrounded by influential people. I hope to be that bright light for someone else.