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PRADO Says Turn The Music Up And “Dance Dance Dance”

Toronto-based singer-songwriter and explorative pop artist PRADO turns up the good vibes in her latest radiant single, "Dance Dance Dance."

The 20-year-old recording artist of Cuban and Italian descent grew up in a biracial household and quickly learned the importance of general and musical diversity. Coming from a family of professional musicians, PRADO extends her reach far and wide while releasing music in more than one language.

PRADO is always keen to incorporate the vibes of bluesy tunes with the complex and energy-packed elements of Cuban music. In her latest single, "Dance Dance Dance," that one-of-a-kind sound comes to life and shakes the speakers with a vibrant energy that makes us want to get up, let loose, and "Dance Dance Dance."

Jumping into the hot new track, "Dance Dance Dance," the experience opens with lush keyboard melodies alongside PRADO's breathy and velvety vocals that quickly expand with energy. The song's radiant pop production and danceable Cuban beats make it a treat for the ears, and PRADO's charismatic performance is everything we need to turn up and feel the music.

The song quickly transforms into this brilliant and high-energy anthem, perfect for any party, club, bar, and lively night out. PRADO's sensual vocals and equally gripping lyrics keep our ears locked on her captivating performance while tapping our toes to each spicy beat. PRADO commands your attention in this new track, and she's quickly proving herself as an artist to watch in 2023.

It doesn't get much better than the thrilling vibes and lively energy of PRADO's new single, "Dance Dance Dance." Let loose and find the new track on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, PRADO. We're grooving right beside you in your thrilling new single, "Dance Dance Dance." What inspired you to create such a sensual and feel-good hit?

Thank you, I'm so glad you enjoy it! The process of coming up with this song was different than usual. I was in my grade 11 gym class back in 2019 and had what is now the chorus melody stuck in my head. I got out of my notebook, started writing down some ideas, and went with the flow. I never took the next step after writing this song until I started working with the producers. I showed them this idea almost two years after I wrote it, and they both loved it. We made the lyrics a bit more sensual to create a "club-type feel-good track," and that left us with Dance Dance Dance, and I couldn't be happier.

Did you work with any producers to help bring the sonics and production to life for "Dance Dance Dance?" What was your vision for how you wanted the production to feel?

For this song, I worked with Andre Kaden Black and Jonathan Karkar, two very talented individuals in Toronto. When I showed them the song idea, they instantly saw the vision, which made creating and finishing the track much easier. I wanted this song to bring cultures together, so we created a Latin pop/reggaeton track with English lyrics. The production for this track is fun and sexy and makes me want to dance every time I hear it! I'm more than happy with the final track!

What do you want to make your audience feel when hearing "Dance Dance Dance?" How do you want this song to impact them?

This song was made with a combination of sounds and rhythms to get listeners moving instantly! When people hear my song Dance Dance Dance, I want them to feel light, free, and vibey - moving along to every minute of the song!

Do you usually create such danceable, high-energy, and party-esque songs like "Dance Dance Dance?" Or was this new territory new for you?

Earlier this year, when I went full into music mode, I wanted to dip my toes into different styles of music to see what U enjoyed most and what my audience enjoyed most. This song was definitely the most fun to create, and I am 100% going to continue creating songs with this similar style, but I enjoy singing and writing emotional ballads.

What's next for you?

A lot of new music in more than one language...! I would love to collaborate with more artists in songwriting and recording tracks, but overall, there is a lot of new, fun, and fresh music from PRADO in 2023!


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