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PRE$I is "At the Top (Freestyle)"

Coming in hot from Toronto's east end, rapper, songwriter, and recording artist PRE$I releases his highly-anticipated and lively single, "At the Top (Freestyle)."

The star on the rise broke his silence with a debut single, "Gift of Gab," in October 2020, which showcased PRE$I's lyrical talent, melodic abilities, and distinct vocal tone. With follow-up releases like "Elephant in The Booth (Freestyle)" and "Far Away," among others, PRE$I has been leaving fans at the edge of their seats.

After a brief hiatus, PRE$I is back and better than ever with the anticipated release of his powerhouse single, "At the Top (Freestyle)." This track truly puts PRE$I on the map as another artist to come out of the 6ix. Bringing the track to our speakers in hopes of securing more fans down south, PRE$I's latest single truly isn't one to let slide.

Produced by Hood Robin, "At the Top (Freestyle)" kicks off with a haunting flute sample that drops into a heated and authoritative hip-hop beat. As PRE$I jumps into the track, he demands our attention right off the bat with his braggadocious bars and exciting energy. As the heavy drums begin to pound through our speakers, PRE$I continues his flaming hot performance while delivering nothing but power and passion.

PRE$I holds this unique and aggressive tone to his delivery that leaves us feeling nothing but exhilarated, as it enhances his passion for his creative craft. As the track punches its way to the outro, PRE$I leaves us in awe of his dominant performance and his ability to think on his feet.

Douse yourself in the flames of PRE$I's latest single, "At the Top (Freestyle)," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic PRE$I. What a fiery and exciting track you've released with your latest single, "At the Top (Freestyle)." What was inspiring your bars during this particular freestyle?

To give a bit more context/background, prior to this release I went on a 4-month hiatus due to writer’s block. I was struggling to finish writing the original “At the Top”. I decided to step away from the song temporarily to not block my creativity and delay my release further. A few weeks later I booked a studio session and tell Hood Robin to pull up. During the session, Hood Robin says he’s been working on a few new beats so we decided to play some of them. The first couple beats didn’t move me but then he played “Windy forest” (the title Hood Robin labeled the beat) and then at that moment I told him that’s the one and then I hopped right in the booth to record. The title of my latest single is self-explanatory…the top is exactly where I’m headed and I’m letting everyone know from now! The bars were mainly inspired by the beat, when I heard it I just knew it was going to be one of those songs hence the line:

“This sound like some really at the top sh*t! This sound like some PRE$I had to pop sh*t!”

Did producer Hood Robin pre-make the beat for "At the Top (Freestyle)," or was this a collaborative process? Is this your first time working together?

Hood Robin and I have been working together since I officially started releasing music back in October 2020 (which makes a year officially this October). This single is actually our 2nd song together, the first track we collaborated on was “TD Bank” ft. Kadence. The beat for “At the Top (Freestyle)” was included in an email amongst several other beats, as we had begun going down the list and clicked on “Windy forest” I instantly knew that this was going to be our next official collaboration. Hood Robin has acted like a jack of all trades in many instances; from being a cameraman, engineer to creative director and producer. It’s quite evident to say that we’ve developed a lot of chemistry musically as well as genuine friendship.

Could you enlighten us on what goes through your mind when freestyling bars, similar to your experience creating "At the Top (Freestyle)?" How are you able to think on your feet and create cohesive lyrical content?

When it comes to freestyling you never know what your gonna get, it's like a wild card…when a beat is just so infectious it just takes over me and like an artist, I paint! I try to reach the “black out” which for me is where my brain is just on autopilot and I’m merely just a vessel for the words and energy to come out of. I like the audio in my headphones to be all the way turnt up! “One knob away from deaf” I say. I want to feel as if I’m “sitting” inside the music and there is nobody else around. Just me and the beat.

Regarding your unique, passionate, and aggressive tone, was this inspired by any artists in particular? Or did you create this brand out of pure instinct?

Ironically the aggressive tone in my voice stems from the types of artists I dislike. I feel if you have something to say on the mic you should be able to move someone based on the message you are trying to send, sometimes I feel like there is a lack of conviction in some artist's voices. In addition, I believe hip/hop has always been known for its competitiveness so who am I to break tradition? In regards to my passion for music, I’ve waited a long time on myself to put music out, and now that I have, I’m going to make sure everyone knows what I have to say. One individual who I can say, that has inspired/reminded me to bring the passion and energy is Meek Mill, the tone he carries in the majority of songs is something you can feel, and it’s become a strong part of his musical demeanor and swagger.

What should we know about your artistic brand? How does your music help us get to know you and what you stand for?

As far as my artistic brand goes, I represent the following:

  • Authenticity

  • Versatility

  • Independence

  • Quality

  • Dedicated to my craft

  • Fashion-forward

  • Presidential

  • #IWannaPresi (A female who wants to experience what it’s like to live in my world)

My music is an extension of myself. PRE$I is not a persona. I stand behind what I represent and what I represent is all of those points listed above and more. I want to create timeless music whether it's relatable or not. The musical linage I intend to leave behind will be known as an artist who was consistent on putting out top quality records from the day he came in the game till the day his jersey is retired.

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