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Premiere: Mischa Says "G2G," To Negativity In a Powerhouse New Music Video

Soaring in from Ottawa, Canada, hip-hop artist, rapper, and songwriter Mischa returns with an empowering and attention-grabbing music video for her highly anticipated single, "G2G."

Mischa's intriguing approach to hip-hop has never failed to leave us wanting more, primarily through her intoxicating melodies, lyrical dexterity, and top-notch production. Continuously finding new ways to engage and connect with her audience, Mischa's latest music video does precisely that through its motivational and relatable theme.

Expanding on her music video for "G2G," Mischa recently took to Instagram and highlighted the meaning behind the visuals. "You're gonna see me against a masked opponent, which is me vs. all of the negative energy, people, places, and things, that I don't want in my life anymore," she exclaimed in a recent trailer.

The moment we've all been waiting for, the music video for "G2G" opens with a distressed Mischa handcuffed to the inside of a boxing ring in her pink tutu, sports bra, and matching boxing gloves. With quick cuts to scenes of Mischa training and preparing to face her fears, the video cuts back to her masked opponent dressed in black, where Mischa risks it all and breaks free from the chains (literally) while throwing herself at the opposition.

Along the way of this thrilling and stimulating music video, viewers can catch Mischa delivering her crisp bars while offering many lyrical and articulative similarities to icons like Nicki Minaj. Not to mention the woozy and exciting production, the entire experience, sonic and visual, brings viewers nothing but the motivation to face their fears head-on and say "G2G" to what doesn't serve them anymore. As the video closes, Mischa owns her victory while hovering over her opponent and stealing his mask, only to walk off like the badass she is.

Say sayonara to your stressors with help from Mischa's latest music video, "G2G," now available to watch on YouTube.


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