Premiere: Temme Scott Releases Sensual Music Video For New Single "The Bedroom"

Alternative/Indie artist Temme Scott just dropped a new single and music video titled “The Bedroom" and WOW, we're in love with it. This feel-good track is one that you're going to be adding to all your self-loving playlists.

Temme Scott has a very distinctive voice that stands apart from other musicians in the music industry. Her control, slight raspiness mixed with edge makes her voice exquisite and unique. "The Bedroom" is the perfect title. The song is sensual and emotional and is a very powerful representation of Scott’s complicated relationship with her past. Her lyrics read, “How can I take what is wrong/ and turn it to dust by tomorrow/...I could be brave/ Just like I promised to.” Throughout the video, Scott walks backwards in an act of revisiting the world of a relationship that no longer exists.

“‘The Bedroom’ about a relationship that never really became a true relationship, because we were too close of friends. The song itself is a ‘revisit’ to the time I spent with that person, and I wanted the video to mimic that sort of strange ‘wait-what-even-happened-between-us’ way we all tend to backtrack. For me, writing the song was 1) admittance of my own mistakes and ignorance, and 2) a little bit of a ‘fuck off, but I still love you.’”

"The Bedroom" falls as track #4 on her debut EP titled “Firsts,” which was released in January 2018. Her next single, “The Silent One,” is set for release in late September.

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