Premiere: Thunder Club Releases New Music Video For Their New Single "Go Ahead"

The band Thunder club stems from Baltimore and consists of five members. Consisting of guitarists Pete Burkhardt and Dennis Chen, lead singer Garrett Cusack, bassist Conor Johnston and drummer John Burkhardt. The Band’s unique sound is largely from the chemistry that the musicians share. Incorporating a wide variety of musical influences into their songs, Thunder Club's music is youthful and energetic, with a strong basis in groove and melody. Since their release of their self titled EP in 2016, they have gained popularity and buzz moving into the music scene. Most recently, the boys have released their new EP, SUMMER VICE, and have been featured on rotation on 89.7FM WTMD.

Bringing influence from classic sounds with a nostalgic feel is what first hits our ears. This is a feel good song and may even bring out your rebellious side while you listen. It has a hint of teenage rebellion and makes you feel like you are reliving your youth (if you’re not in it already). Vocals range from laid back, to a cool gritty timbre as we dive into the chorus. The contrast of verses and melody shows the increasing angst of teenage spirit. Thunder Club has released their new music video for their song "Go Ahead". The video shows cool shots of the band performing, mixed in with shots by the pool. The music video compliments the cool funky indie song perfectly!

Thunder Club is full of good vibes and fun in their music, be sure to watch and listen to "Go Ahead"!

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