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Prepare for Impact With Kendal Conrad's, "Car Crash"

Kendal Conrad is a singer and songwriter that reigns from Pottstown, PA. Being no stranger to the spotlight, Kendal Conrad is known for the attention she has continued to garner throughout her musical journey. Known for opening up for larger artists at big events, Kendal Conrad takes her performance skills to the next level as she connects with her fans in a significant way.

Commencing her most recent single, “Car Crash,” with the delicate sounds of rain and the unique sound of a car engine revving up, we know that we’re in for a mind-altering familiarity that Kendal Conrad effortlessly delivers upon request.

The shadowy escapades of the pulsing instrumentation create a mysterious layer of depth that taps into Kendal Conrad's abstract lens to bear an imaginative tale. Matching her unrivaled songwriting techniques with the wide range of artistic versatility she fluently delivers, Kendal Conrad paints a sonic canvas of a love gone wrong in a small town.

We admire the minimalistic instrumentation that delves into a synth forward environment. Approaching this song with layers of Kendal Conrad’s surpassing vocalization, her boisterous timbres remain the centerpiece in this winding anecdote.

Attention to detail is not overlooked by any means, as each sound effect that is introduced crafts an alternate reality that jumps out of your speakers. “Car Crash” delivers an impactful message through an immense performance of built-up ferocity. Kendal Conrad does this all with utter poise. Anticipating what’s to come from this emerging artist, we have no doubts about the quality we continue to receive from her, especially in the radiating effervescence of “Car Crash.”

Congratulations on your captivating release of, “Car Crash.” Could you please take us into the creative and recording process that brought this song to life?

I was reflecting on a past break-up, just thinking about how blindsided I felt by it. I remember thinking... wow, this guy and I was a total car crash -- never saw this ending coming. BOOM, the idea for Car Crash hit me. I took that lyric into Anthony Gallagher, who produced the track. My mom, Sharen Conrad, co-wrote the song with us in about 3 hours. It didn't take long because I knew exactly what I wanted to say.

With each song being vastly different from the next, what happens to be your favorite thing about the release of “Car Crash?"

I think "Car Crash," is actually the most vulnerable song I've released. I wrote this one from a very honest place: that broken feeling after someone you've trusted completely catches you off-guard and levels you. This one might actually be my darkest song, too. At its core, Car Crash is about people gossiping and speculating about the breakdown of your romantic relationship while your broken heart is just shattered on the ground for everyone to see.

As a performer, how have you managed to adapt and stay inspired through the events of Covid-19?

Virtual shows have really helped me stay connected with my fans. I don't know what I would have done without Facebook Live. This year has also given me time to rest, which as a workaholic, sometimes I will forget to do!

How have you found yourself growing as an artist through your releases?

I have been progressively learning more and more pop -- at least sonically. Lyrically my songs still tell a story, as good country music should do. I also feel less inclined to follow the trends and more comfortable writing and recording music that just feels like me.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2021?

More local acoustic shows in Pennsylvania, more virtual shows on my Facebook page, and hopefully more music! I also have a food blog and post all the eats on Instagram.



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