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Prepare For The Wrath Of Lunarcode In "Cuttin' the Cord"

Los Angeles-based four-piece Lunarcode is back at it again. The hungry rock band recently announced their newest single and accompanying music video, "Cuttin' the Cord."

Lunarcode formed back in the summer of 2020; now, the band is comprised of guitarist Ronny Minuche, vocalist/lyricist Vincenzo Carubia, drummer Jason Booth, and bassist Richard Smith. Together, they seamlessly blend elements of nostalgia through classic rock while keeping things fresh with a modern pop edge.

It's no wonder why the boys have had hits roaming through the radio stations of Sweden, Brazil, the UK, and Ecuador, and we expect the same traction with their forthcoming single, "Cuttin' the Cord." Not to mention the highly conceptual music video; Lunarcode symbolizes the debilitating experiences of being held down by others and feeling like you're not good enough.

Through Lunarcode's upcoming single and music video, their audience is bound to feel inspired to conquer the day and any obstacles on their path to success. Keep your eyes peeled for Lunarcode's new hit, "Cuttin' the Cord," alongside their striking and bold music video, coming soon to BuzzMusic.

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