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Prepare To Be Obsessed With Ava Maybee’s Latest Power Ballad, “Limerence”

“Limerence” is an emotional state of infatuation and obsession, often unintentional, where one becomes consumed by desire, passion, and a touch of madness.

Indie pop sensation Ava Maybee explores the depths of the word “Limerence” in her latest power ballad following the success of her angst-ridden hit “Puke.” The talented singer-songwriter has been making significant waves in the industry for the past few years. She soared into the Top 14 on American Idol, and her breakout track “Colors” amassed over 7 million streams in 2021. To add to her impressive discography, she is a graduate of NYU’s Clive Davis School of Recorded Music; It’s safe to say she has no intention of slowing down.

“Limerence was so empowering to write, as I was able to finally admit ownership for some of my own toxic behavior in relationships. It was so liberating to take responsibility for ‘my side of the street.”

Ava Maybee is known for her lyricism centred around heartbreak and relationships, and her newest single, “Limerence,” stays true to her musical style. However, her unique perspective sets this track apart, where she embraces accountability for her past actions. Ava fearlessly speaks the truth in a world where many are hesitant or too entitled to admit their mistakes after a deep discussion about the meaning, emotions, and personal experiences associated with “Limerence,” Ava, Jason Harris, and Jon Buscema (KNGDAVD) co-wrote a vulnerable, authentic, and passionate track.

The song opens with a hopeful strumming guitar accompanied by Ava’s rich vocals that resonate throughout the melody. This tranquil introduction perfectly captures the initial stages of a relationship when both people are fully immersed in the intoxicating waves of limerence. Everything feels effortless, bright, and peaceful. However, the song takes a turn with these lyrics: “Maybe I’m just sick in the head, throwing up my feelings on your bedroom floor.”

It’s apparent now that this relationship is solely built on passion, lacking the essential pillars of trust, respect, and communication. The lyrics reveal the stark reality that without a stable foundation, it becomes nearly impossible for a relationship to endure. Ava’s honesty and ownership of her past have allowed her to share an experience that millions of people can resonate with.

The song propels forward with a beautiful crescendo of dynamic guitars and powerful drums where she belts the words, “Don’t you love me?” This breathtaking track produced by Jon Buscema wonderfully represents the roller coaster of emotions that come with an unstable relationship. It’s exciting, electric, addictive, sensual, and tempestuous. Above all, this song is a must-listen.


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