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Prepare Your Heartstrings With Dan Rose's, "My Heart Belongs With You"

Dan Rose delivers yet another harmonious musical experience with his release of "My Heart Belongs With You." From the title, one can already garner the thoughtful and passionate lyricism that's about to ensue with this particular song, and Dan Rose truly unravels the heart-throbbing experience we've been yearning for.

Dan Rose grounded his song in his fascination for love stories, as well as stories that contain an out-of-the-box kind of twist. Already performing "My Heart Belongs With You" for multiple years at venues, Dan Rose was truly able to hone into the affections of the song and deliver them in a purposeful way.

As for Dan Rose's mission statement as an artist, he shared that he's ultimately looking to connect with his listeners through authentic honesty. He shares his wisdom and creativity through all of his musical offerings, and we're preparing ourselves for the next heartfelt experience Dan Rose unravels for his listeners.

Catch up with Dan Rose in his full BuzzMusic interview, here.

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