Pressing Pop Beats and Passionate Overtones Wash over Bobby Páraknight New Single “The Prelude”

Growing up in New York, Pop/Rock artist Bobby Páraknight has been heavily influenced by cinematic pieces and the Beatles since his early teens. These connections propelled him into the music industry, as he has been composing and writing music ever since. With his new single “The Prelude,” Páraknight uses upbeat instrumental beats combined with airy, confident vocals to engage and connect with listeners of all ages.

“The Prelude” was created in a spontaneous piano session that took inspiration from late 70’s disco sound combined with pop beats. This groovy track is an excellent expression of Páraknight’s emergency catchy musical type.

Shifting into the second half of this single, Páraknight slows down and begins to vocalize more emotion into each lyric. Moving from a beachy style tune into a more raw and uncut set of vocals, “The Prelude” captures multiple musical essences that set it apart from any other productions within the genre.

Being an individual who has been infused with arts in the various forms of acting, music, or dance, Páraknight can draw his musical style from these numerous backgrounds to create truly unique musically pieces like “The Prelude,” making him a must-listen for listeners who want to step out of the box.

Can you walk us through your inspiration for "The Prelude?"

“The Prelude” came exactly as it is while I was strumming away on my guitar, it really just burst out & I switched it and composed it on my piano, hence there was no striking inspiration or I wasn’t even writing something at that moment. It does happen like that alot of the time. I was having a great little jam session on my own which leaks into the song and defines its nature, you do the molding rest.

You mentioned that you were influenced by The Beatles as an early teen, are there any artists you find inspiring now and are interested in collaborating with?

There are many varied and interesting artists from all genres working today and it would be exciting to work with any of them. From the top of my head - Jacob Collier would be a fun guy to work with, I would like to see more of Lorde.

Can you walk us through your experience writing and producing this song during the pandemic?

The pandemic was definitely a big opportunity to draft creativity out excessively and I used it to my best. I did write The Prelude during the summer of 2020 along with many other pieces, some of which will be following up. Stay Tuned!!

Your singles have the ability to take on a life of their own, how have you been able to connect “The Prelude” to some of your previous singles?

It does, in that The Prelude does not obey the standard song structure which will be found in some of my music, but does not connect consciously or necessarily as I like each piece of work to be distinctive.

What's next for you?

Everything! I’m following The Prelude up with even bigger prospects, a new single which is already under production, and soon, An Album!! I’m an Actor as well, which is a true passion of mine alongside music and have some exciting projects coming up next, I will carry on focusing on ballet and paint more. I hope my music and art connects with people and everyone has a valued time.